Monday, October 18, 2010

Meeting a-(nother) biggest loser.

The weekend has come and gone, there were ups there were downs but we made it unscathed for the most part. Nothing in the way of exercise was experienced but busy was the flavor of the day on both days so with that a new week begins. Saturday I had the opportunity to head on over to a health and wellness fair in Hartford CT we got to check things out, from a local EMT bicycle patrols whips and gear to a past biggest loser contestant. I met Bill Germanakos from season 4 of the biggest loser back in October of 2008 at this same health fair and this time around I had a chance to meet Rudy Pauls from season 8 of TBL. Nichole Brewer from season 7 was there too but I didn't get the chance to meet her as she was not quite at the booth when I went through , she is in the background of a photo that wify took of me talking with Rudy so I just missed her and hadn't noticed that she was setting up until I got home and looked at my pictures.

Me and Rudy Pauls from The biggest loser season 8 in Hartford October 16th 2010.

I Talked with Rudy for a few minutes and as we were chatting I said to him "I've lost more than 200 pounds so far" to which he responded "I can see it in your face" then said "I mean you can see it everywhere but I mean...yeah you can see it" and then went into talking about the loose skin that he has to deal with and how it bothers him. This told me that yes indeed I have "that look" of someone that has lost a lot of weight, you know the look right? the one where from the chest up I look perfectly normal almost like a fella with a little more on his bones than he should have but over all looks healthy and then the skin is an obvious flag hanging from those same bones stating loudly that the Sharpei is all up in the house. I am not all hung up on the fact that the skin is there because the alternative is much worse, you know, that other life where I weigh 500 plus pounds, yeah that one so the fact that its there though it bugs me I am happy that its not what it was 3 years ago.

Rudy was pretty nice and I have found of all three of the contestants that I have met from the biggest loser all share that, every one of them was more than willing to chat and talk about what was successful for them and offer advice. I met Neil Tejwani who was also on season 4 not at a fair or event but in an every day place which I will not disclose exactly where that was but I have had more than a few conversations with him over the past year. When you share something like dropping 200 pounds with somebody they know just as much as you do just how hard it is to live at the higher weights and I find that most people are more than willing to share their experiences with others who may be struggling or need help. My daughter wanted to get a picture with Rudy "Dada, I want to take a picture with the exercise show guy" but changed her mind when it came time for the shot "Nah, I don't wanna" at the last minute.

Sunday we pretty much gutted a room in my house that was being used for storage because we want to use it for a rec room kind of thing and because of the gutting I was in the house almost all day. I did go over calories on Sunday by a slice of that home made apple pie that I made and possibly a small pile of trail mix and I didn't drink as much as I normally do either, about a gallon and a quart but that's ok, hopefully the week brings me a loss come Friday. Today I have an opportunity to go to the gym with Wify as she has some appointments to take care of and took the day off of work so that should be fun and we will see if she pushes me or I push her.

My day is beginning so the post has to end, I will this week push myself at the gym, count every calorie that goes into my body and enjoy every minute of it, won't you join me?

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  1. One of the few venues where the biggest loser is the winner.

  2. Have to say that when I read how much you (usually) drink, I originally thought it was way too much for me. Then I realized that the more I drink, the more my liver will process fat (besides general hydration) so I'm slowly upping my liquid intake. Unfortunately I also realize I have to cut myself off no later than 6 p.m. because if not, I'm in the bathroom a couple of times during the night. Not good! Thanks for continuing to share. Vee at

  3. Hey that is too cool. I've never been to a health or wellness fair and I bet it would be great.

  4. Hey that is too cool. I've never been to a health or wellness how but will look around my area!

  5. Loose skin sucks, or at least the prospect of it, but I've resigned myself to just get surgery down the line. First, I need to maintain the weight loss, to be sure, but when I do, you best believe I'm going under the knife. I understand why people wouldn't want to, though.

  6. I met a Australia biggest loser season a couple of years ago. He was a lovely guy who was so determined to lose the weight. He was one of Australias biggest contestants. And the one i related to the most. When i met him [at his goal weight] i hung off every word he said!
    I saw him from a distance about a year later and he was right back at the weight he started and i nearly cried.

    I haven't seen the season with Rudy in it. Isn't he the 'noisy' one?

    I'm dredding the lose skin thing!