Thursday, October 28, 2010

Every journey begins with a step...

I am heading into my second week of raising my calories to 2000 per day, this is the first whole week that I will have eaten that many calories per day and am going to see what the scale says about it. Sticking to my plan has been fairly easy this week besides one day where some stress stepped in and for the life of me I can't seem to control the snatching of extra calories when I am stressed in certain ways, that shits gotta stop. I have made it to the gym every day for the last almost two weeks barring Tuesday which is the same day that the little stress bomb hit me in the face and I was on a good roll with the weight to that point too so I am doubly aggravated that it happened but it did and there is no good in dwelling on it. I had signed up for a fitness evaluation at my gym which was suppose to happen Tuesday and I rescheduled that because of my mood and lack of interest in anything healthy so I have that to do tomorrow after I weigh in for the blog, lets see what the fella says about my general health status.

Curiosity has got me thinking about what the scale will tell me in the AM, I was steadily going down in weight until Wednesday morning, this morning its coming down again so tomorrow I will either level out and show a small loss or no loss depending on whether I am still sore from the weight lifting. I am still not completely assimilated to my weight lifting program and have been adding movements to each workout so I am still feeling a tad sore afterward but that soreness is lessening so perhaps another week before I am in a rut and chugging along where I want to be. I mentioned my intake being on par besides Tuesday and I have been recording every bite that goes into my body diligently into my excel sheet and I still get emails asking me to keep posting the menus so I want to try and get those out there as much as possible and with that have a look at Wednesdays intake.

2 cups honey combs 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

10:30 AM
1 Dark chocolate/strawberry zone bar 180

2:00 PM
2 deli slims 200
3oz deli turkey 100
1 T Miracle whip 40
1oz lays light chips 75
1 pickle 10

3:00 PM
1 Nectarine 70
1 Banana 105

4:15 PM
2 Plums 60

6:15 PM
2 80 calorie rolls 160
5oz sloppy joe 225
11oz potato 275

8:30 PM
1/2 cup 1% milk 55
1 scoop whey protein 130

Grand total of 2015 calories for the day which is right in there, I am getting comfortable with the extra calories and am finding that its allowing me to keep my normal day to day but I am adding more fruits to my days along with some whey shakes so that's all good news. Adding more fruits and veggies is on my mind constantly and I think that I normally do a decent job of getting enough into my days but I also think that I could use a little more so look for that in the menus in the next few weeks. With the addition of the more regular lifting schedule and the extra calories I am feeling that seven days from tomorrow the scale will jump down more than a couple pounds because of the normalizing of the lifting and the extra calories but of course that is to be found out.

Almost anything is possible if we put out minds to it, that statement isn't something that I believed back when I was heavy enough to consider that it would kill me but after battling with my health and weight for the last couple years I know it to be true. Somewhere out there is a man or woman that is reading this for the first time or for the 300th time and feeling that its impossible because of this or that or the other thing that's ailing them and I tell you that you are the only thing holding yourself back.

I started out at 534 pounds, a disk injury in my back which caused me more than a little bit of pain EVERY day of my life sometimes to the point of leaving me laying in bed with tears in my eyes. Unable to walk further than a few hundred feet before pain and being winded would make me stop dead in my tracks. The only person that was holding me back was myself, no one was forcing me to drink a 2 liter of coke with my sack of Taco bell, no one was making me order a Super sized double quarter pounder with cheese meal with a side of another quarter pounder for lunch at McNasty and nobody was making me drink a gallon of milk per day so even with the extreme pain in my back from the disk injury that still gets me some days I was the person holding myself back. I will never claim that its an easy process because its harder than anyone that has never struggled with it will ever know but I will say that we need to be stronger than whatever it is that holds us back in life or we will always measure less than we could in the grand scheme of life and it will be at our own hands.

YOU control what goes into your mouth, YOU control how you live your life and YOU are the only one holding yourself back, just like me and every other sack of meat and bones walking this planet so put that cookie down and go for a walk today, even if its only a few steps.

That's all I got.

As Ever


  1. Sometimes common sense is not all that common, and we need to be reminded of that which should be obvious. We are ultimately responsible for our own fate, and it is almost always the case that our poor health is the result of our poor decisions.
    While I am still committed to bettering myself, I can't say I am proud of the decisions I have made in the last 2 months. Thanks for putting things in perspective once again and reminding me that nobody is going to make the changes I need for me.


  2. Yep, it all down to us, and the choices we make every day. Love that 'sack of meat & bones walking on this planet' phrase, heh.

    :) Today I did an extra 8 lengths in the pool just because I could...