Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random randomness from a fat guy on a mission.

Choices are what we make of them and every day of each and every week we will be faced with decisions on whether to workout or stay home, eat this or not eat that and each and every one of those choices are ours to make, we own every last one of them. Deciding to do what we need to is not always the easiest or most convenient of things, we have to miss out on a slice of birthday cake or pass on a beer with a buddy sometimes and these little things though not so important in the grand scheme are in fact things that we enjoy but making the good choice to enjoy them in moderation is key. The alternative is missing out on almost everything that life has to offer, of course I am talking about when a person weighs north of 500 pounds like I did not so long ago but I am sure that it applies to lighter people as well. The things that I am capable of at this very moment in life are more opposite than day and night and making good choices is how I changed where I was in life with my health.

Going to the gym at night is sort of odd for me because I love going at that time because I feel like I get in an awesome workout yet it means that my sleep will suffer because I am all kinds of pumped up and getting to sleep is impossible. Last night I was faced with a decision to go to the gym and have my sleep be less than optimal or stay home and miss out on working out for the day so off I went about 8:30 last night to get a workout into my day. I thought about how the biggest loser was on and I usually watch it and going to the gym I would miss it as it was a weight lifting day and I could either watch fat people work out or be a fat person working out so off I went. After 25 minutes on the stationary bike I headed over for some weight lifting which lasted about 50 minutes then back over to the treadmill for 25 minutes at a brisk pace on a decently steep incline. I must be neglecting my walking/running because my feet started hurting in the places where they hurt when I don't run for a while and the inside of one of my toes feels rubbed this morning, I suppose that means I need to do some more sprints at the gym in the coming weeks.

Two days from now I will weigh in again for the blog, I need to drop 2 pounds to stay on track with my goal of weighing 275 or less by April 1st and I am planning on doing everything in my power to get there. The food gods are not on my side though if I am being honest, I mentioned our annual trip to the orchard and some 30 pounds of apples that we have and its that time of year for me to make my 9 pound apple pie. Now I don't know if the pie actually weighs 9 pounds but its damn close and I have to make it as I have been making it for years and my family enjoys it. I have in the last couple years changed the recipe a tad bit by using Splenda in place of the sugar that's in it but it is still a hefty slice of yumminess, decisions decisions.

I am at some point today going to be riding down a bike trail somewhere because the days of doing so are numbered with winter on its way and these rides really are therapeutic for me. I found a section of a trail that I want to try out but its a bit of a ride to get to the trail head so perhaps next week as a planned ride leaving early or perhaps a weekend ride. A weekend slip will not derail me, nothing will derail me because I have something to finish and that's going to be the plan until I get to that 275 pound goal. Making goals is kind of silly yet they do so much for us as we tread forward with our healthy living plans, When I began I could not walk 1/3 of a mile comfortably and riding a bicycle was not an option. My goal was to be able to actually live and I am doing that so in that respect I have accomplished what I set out to do which is to not feel caged in my own body but now its tome to get into a place with my health that I will have surpassed just living comfortably and excel in a way that I am above average with my physical self.

Wow fat man! you are going for above average physically? indeed I am my good people and I will do it right in front of your eyes so that you can see that it is possible to do so without any fancy pay as you go diet plans or surgeries or or or... With that said its time to end this post because I need to start getting ready for a bike ride this afternoon and I have some chores around the house to get taken care of before I am off so that's all I got for today.

When faced with a decision to do something for your health or do something for leisure, will you choose your health above all else?

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  1. I hope to make the healthy decision and not just leisure. Best of all, I hope I can combine them, as it makes for healthy fun.

  2. I like that last sentence Tony. Puts it all into perspective. I have to learn to enjoy exercise and not see it as a chore. Fortunately I like walking. The hardest bit for me is determining to get through the door and start!

  3. Great post. I am in the zone to get to my goal which still means 66 lbs. I hope I don't give up all leisure but I do have to be careful about the settings and my plans ie. social drinking/eating parties are a weakness. There are lots of things that can now be considered leisure that a month ago I wouldn't have even pondered - that's includes exercising!

    As the saying goes, choose wisely young jedi master...

  4. I am with Glenn I like to put leisure and healthy together for some fun :)

  5. It's great to read about your journey with good ol'fashioned hard work and determination versus surgery. I have a long weight loss journey ahead...lost 25...110 more to go...but am trying to resist the surgery route and instead, keep on the same path you are. Thanks for being you and for your inspiration. Kind Regards, Lisa