Friday, October 1, 2010

Bicycle! bicycle! I want to ride my...

Thursday turned out to be a good day for me as far as the biking goes, The pedals that I ordered for my K2 came in and I found a smokin' deal on a Trek 750 Multitrack hybrid so there is a new ride in the house. Of course as I was checking Craigslist out when I found the new bike so I called the gal up and an hour of a drive later she was mine! the bike, not the gal selling it and the best part you ask? its my size! I originally was going to pick it up for Wify as she doesn't have a proper bicycle right now mostly because she doesn't enjoy bike riding but I want her to have the option if the urge to take a ride ever overcomes her. The new bike has a 19 inch frame which is a size smaller than I would normally ride depending on brand but a 19 inch fits me just as well as the slightly bigger 20 inch, I have short legs so I am thinking this one won't get sold because I kind of like it and its in like new shape.

My obligatory snap shot next to the fence that every new old bike gets upon coming home, I think that Mongoose brand springy seat will have to go.

Then when I saw that the brown truck had been by I was pretty excited because the last ride that I went on was the 18 mile trail ride that I posted about last week. I unpacked the box and found a Schick razor and thought "did I get the wrong box?" so I kept digging and sure enough My Odyssey Trail mix pedals were in there! I felt like Ralphie when he got his red ryder bb gun. The pedals were out of the box and onto the bike as fast as I could get them on there and it would appear that we are back in business again with going out on a ride so I am looking to beat that 18 mile distance as soon as the weather clears up.

Its my Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!...umm er I mean Odyssey Trail mix pedals.

My intake for Thursday came in at a total of 1520 which is WAY low but thats ok with me because I did go out on a date with wify Wednesday night and had a good share of white pizza and spinach artichoke dip with some corn chips so this will even out. The low calories are fine by me doubly because I didn't get out to the gym yesterday because of going on that drive to pick up the new Trek and then the day just got away from me so it is what it is and I shall punish myself at the gym today for missing out yesterday. Next on the list is my fluid intake, I downed just under a gallon of green tea and just over a gallon of straight H2O so I be hydrated, or as my daughter says "I'm full up to here" you will just have to picture me holding my hand to my forehead as a visual.

Today my body will beg me to stop, my legs will burn and my lungs shall get a workout like they haven't felt in a couple days, I owe it to myself to punish myself for missing the gym yesterday and that's just how its going to be. The punishment shall be rewarded with more punishment on Saturday because the weather is suppose to clear up a bit and I am hoping that I can take the K2 out on that trail again to test out the new pedals and freshly scuffed brake pads. It is a reward because I love riding on the trails, it relaxes me all while I bust my ass and burn fat from my bones so it is in fact what they would call a win win situation thus a reward and a punishment all wrapped up in one.

Whilst I kick my ass at the gym today what will you do for your health today?

As Ever

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  1. Just browsing random blogs and came across yours. Congratulations partner! I'm always so happy to see people who look in the mirror and realize that a change has to be made and goes out and does it! Most people give up when they realize how much work it is. Bravo my friend!!