Friday, October 8, 2010

Wanna go see a dead body? a Video post.

So I decided that today I would try and go to the end of the shorter trail that I ride and see how far I could get, google pedometer showed it as almost a 20 mile round trip so I figured it would be fun. I left down the trail and was feeling good until I found the "Warning bridge closed" sign at one of the trail heads so of course I rode down the over grown trail to see what this bridge looked like and they were right, it sure was out! so I had to settle for 15 miles round trip.

My ride may have been cut short but it was still a nice ride on a sunny fall day, I had a tail wind on the way out which means a head wind on the way back and man did I feel it. Tomorrow I am taking the day off from working out partially because I feel beat between the ride and the weight lifting yesterday, that and I have some things planned with the kiddos tomorrow.

My bike at the bridge out sign.

Reminded me of the movie Stand by me, "anyone wanna go see a dead body?" this thing was tore up!

Moo cows!

Over all it was an awesome ride and the new pedals worked like a charm and MUCH more grippy than the cheap resin pedals that came with my bike. I ended up riding through an over pass that was flooded with water about 10 inches deep at one point and my feet got splashed a bit but my feet stayed put unlike with the old set of pedals so I am happy with that purchase. I took the video and had a few minutes tonight so I thought that I would share, I am still happy with the loss for the week and will do my best to get that number even lower come next Friday and if I continue to push myself with my riding I have no doubt that I will have another loss come next week.

That's all I got for this late edition of as the fat guy turns, I hope you enjoyed the second video post by lil ol me and I wish you all a great weekend.

I'm out.

As Ever


  1. I do read but dont post, I am a lurker like that. I was almost afraid to read this post, but the human nature side of me won out. So glad it was not a real DB.

  2. I love the trail you rode. You know I currently live in a pretty scenic area myself.. Time to get a bike maybe.. or atleast hike around and take more pictures!

  3. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. I love checking in and seeing how you are doing!


  4. Thank you . You have given me a great encouragement to start this new lifestyle. I'm like you once were. I'm at 330. This idea of blogging is good, and like your idea of posting what you ate, not just for daily use but for weekly use as well. I walk maybe 2 or 3 blocks and I'm exhausted. Must push myself to walk & exercise more often. Thanks. Richard

  5. I got to thinking about you yesterday and I have a question for you. I love to read your blog (as you probably know by now) and I always find your words (and video) to be inspiring. I especially like when you post what you ate for the day...but my question is this - do you eat when you're hungry, or because it's time to eat? There seems to be two schools of thought on the topic - listen to your body and only eat when hungry - or eat 6 small meals a day (regardless of your hunger level). Whatever you're doing is working and I'd love any tips you have on the subject. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!!