Friday, June 25, 2010

Weigh in time and more random for your noggin.

This morning when I woke up I decided two things, the first was that I would weigh in since its Friday and the second was that a post would have to wait until after I got a bike ride into my morning. I weighed in 318.2 this morning which is .6 lower than yesterdays weigh in and I am still not sure that I am completely over the bloat that I was in because of not eating correctly but that's what the number was so it will be the measuring stick for next Friday. Having to re-lose these pounds again pissed me off last night and I think that my focus is back because of that fact, I mean honestly it is what it is but I don't have to like it right? Yesterday was 1750 calories but that was before I stole a bite from my daughters cookie sandwich ice cream and ate a couple tiny little chocolate covered ice cream nuggets from the boss lady so just over, which is ok since my range is 1700 to 1900. I am trying to stay as close to 1700 calories as possible but on occasion I will have a "treat" like the bite of ice cream last night or a beer with my neighbor because I am not going to not have some of those things once in a while.

I mentioned a bike ride today, as soon as I woke up and saw how perfect a day we were having I decided that a bike ride was going to happen not later, not tonight, not tomorrow, it was happening right after breakfast. I hooked up the trailer and popped the little one in, got my son on his bike, my neighbor joined us as well and we took off for a playground that's about two and a half miles away but I decided to take "the scenic route" also know as "the hilly(er) route" which just adds a couple more hills to the already all hills ride making it about a three mile ride one way. We get to the top of the first biggish hill and my son has this smirk on his face as if to say "Ha! I beat you old man!" and down the other side we went, the next crest he had a little harder time with but still had the smirk because technically he hit the top first (I was going slow as our neighbor was a bit behind) and again the smirk. We didn't want the lad getting too cocky so the next hill I went up at the speed that I normally go when I ride solo and hit the top, turned around to meet him about 3/4 of the way up and then rode back to the top with him interestingly enough no smirk this time. A couple more like that where I spun around and came back down partially to meet him and he stayed in line rather than trying to pass me at every chance, I told him that he should keep trying because eventually he should be able to smoke me on the hills once he gets a little stronger given my current weight disadvantage.

The day started off good enough and I am about a gallon and a half worth of fluids so far and its only just after lunch time, I have a 6 mile ride under my belt and may just take another before the day is up. I did pick up an old habit over the last couple weeks and its kicked as of this morning once again as I skipped my am cup of coffee that I have been having so things are getting back to the way they should be. I once again feel random with my post today but hey it is what it is and what it is is a way for me to hold myself accountable for my decisions concerning my weight loss goals so there it is.

I don't want to set any "goals" just yet but the first thing on the list now that I am doing things right again is to get below 300 pounds. Second on the list is to catch up on some of my regular blogs that I follow because I have not read many at all in the past month because all of what I have been dealing with, I just haven't had the time so hopefully going through some of them will help keep me in the frame of mind that I need to stay in so that I can realize my goals. With that all said, I thank you for the support and comments that you leave me of your own free will, know that I read and appreciate every last one of them and they do me more good than you probably know so again Thanks!

Thats all this round boy got for today.

As Ever


  1. I'm with you, Tony. Nice job today.

  2. Sounds like a plan to me :)

    I still am terrible at bike riding lol. I'm just too chicken. :)

    Like Rob Schneider says you can doooooo eeeeet!!!

  3. Re-losing pounds truly does suck ass, Tony.