Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 910..woah I've been at this for 910 days?!

The smell of Jalapeno and steak is wafting through the air right now as I type because of the most amazing omelet that I just had for breakfast and its back to the grind that is my weight loss journey. This weekend I did step away from the wagon because of a little shindig that was thrown in honor of my aging 365 days and I did not want to disappoint the hostess, that and there was Haitian "rhum" and Italian rum cake, a themed party perhaps? It was a very small gathering and was a good day but as I said off the wagon I went and that's just how its gonna be because from the beginning I have refused to pull out my salter scale etc for an event, there are times when enjoying the moment is more important than measuring every ounce of whatever will be eaten, I didn't notice a nutrition label on the bottle or rum either so that must mean it s void of calories right?

Other than the weekend being that of drinking and pillaging the weak and unprepared...um I mean the junk I ate at the shindig it wasn't all too bad. I stayed hydrated throughout and did manage to stay clear of any chips or party mix sticking to steak and potato salad for the most part. This morning I am up in weight but I am 100% sure that its the bad eating Sunday and the trickle effect that spilled into yesterday that's causing that and today everything is back where it should be with my counting and the omelet that I just made was weighed, measured and put into my excel spread sheet as normal. Since the humidity today feels less like Ecuador and more like New England I am also planning on a bike ride this afternoon with my daughter in tow to get the blood pumping and a few more miles under my belt.

Recently it dawned on me that I am closer to a normal sized person than a super obese person now and its a hard stigma to shake. I look in a mirror and can see HUGE differences from where I was but I do still see that bigger me more often than not and catch myself getting caught up in that thought for longer than I should at times. Am I sitting around feeling bad for myself? not even for a second, I am in a place where physically I can do whatever I want and feel unlimited, I mean I am not out in the yard doing cart wheels but I did say anything that I "wanted" to do so I am cool with the no cart wheel rule as I prefer my arms don't look like an accordion. Sunday we were going through some pictures from my wedding and I am a lot bigger in those photos, a friend of mine who was in our wedding party looked at a picture then looked up at me and said (obviously busting my balls) "you look goofy thinner" and I looked at the picture from the wedding and honestly thought "I don't look much different than in that picture whats he talking about" and left it at that. Later I was thinking about it and I was in a 70 long jacket at my wedding and a shirt that I had to special order tailored and the works, I am now in a 2XL shirt all day long and thought about how my mental image may need some adjusting.

With that all said things are where they should be, I am enjoying being a smaller version of my prior self and taking it all in, eating to live instead of living to eat and the realization that it just takes a little bit of hard work to have everything that a guy could want physically is sinking in a little bit at a time. Ultimately I do believe that I will end up at a healthy weight as well as being in a physical place with myself that will allow me to do whatever I want to do in an unlimited fashion, even cart wheels if I so choose. Drink much, weigh the fuel and exercise the machine is the plan that will get me where I want to go so its what I'm going to stick with and why not? so far I am more than 200 pounds lighter doing just that.

I am going to start posting my menus again as I feel that it helps me keep a closer eye on whats going in and honestly I need the accountability with my choices because currently I know that I am lacking in the fruits and veggies department. There is always someone willing to in a comment say "Hey man! where is all of the foliage???" and most times when I review the menus after a comment like that the pattern of less veggies is in fact present. Perhaps I will start logging my exercises again as well and go a little old school with my posts again because if you re-read some of the older posts I was big about posting my menus and exercises, back in the first year when most of my posts were titled "Day 1" etc so maybe its what I need right now because I was more than focused at that point.

A less critical health situation for myself paired with some bigger fish to fry in the giving attention to things department has made me less concentrated on my program than in the past and I feel that it needs adjustment because I am not through with what I have started and honestly deserve to give myself that attention. I shall return tomorrow and will post my menu and exercise for today no matter what it is, good, bad, ugly it will be here for your discerning eyes to ponder and tear apart if you wish and with that the end has come to this episode of Fat man and Blobin so until next time.

As ever


  1. I think that's a good rule: not excluding yourself from events. Knowing that I can do a little something extra for special days is worth the other days of eating.

    But that doesn't sound right. It's supposed to be a way of life, right? Guess I need to think about it some more.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  2. First off...Happy Birthday. Nothing wrong with celebrating your day with some good food and adult beverages.

    You are indeed normal sized. Looking at your "after" pic, you would never know that you had this journey if it was right next to your "before" picture.

    Keep up the great work and that omelet sounds great!

  3. Happy, joyful belly-button day!