Thursday, June 24, 2010

As the fat guy turns..

Last week I was pushing closer and closer to the 330 pound mark and I didn't like the taste that it was leaving in my mouth, tie that in with the reboot that I did the other night and this morning I am 318 pounds. That very fact is the reason that I wasn't over worrying about the up because I knew that I wasn't doing my part in the hydration department and had a feeling that it was more bloated than honest to goodness weight that was showing up, either way it was not something that I was happy about. Something that I noticed during my little hiatus was that I didn't feel as good as I do when I am doing things right, and I don't mean that I was moping around because I knew that i was fucking up I mean physically. My feet hurt when I am not eating the right nourishment, I am sluggish, I am tired and unmotivated and I have been back on the straight and narrow for a whopping three days now and I feel like the old me, or is it the new old me? the old old me was 534 pounds, the new old me goes to the gym daily and eats properly and the...anyways, you get what I mean...I think.

Focusing on me in the middle of a shit storm hasn't been fun but it is a necessary item to drop into the shopping bag because as always, without my health and well being what have I got? With that said I have been 100% on the ball and intend to stay there from here on out, Yesterday my calories came in at 1790 which is right in there as I am trying to stay as close to 1700 as possible. My fluid intake was just over two gallons again with one gallon being green tea and the rest was straight H20. I get a good amount of emails and or comments about my drinking and lots of people think its too much and I keep getting advice to drink less and I just want to mention that its not gonna happen. I have been drinking 1.5 to 2 gallons of fluid from day one of my better health gig and am down as of this morning 216 pounds using that plan, I am currently 318 pounds and workout (and sweat my ass off) daily, my doc is aware of what I drink and agrees that all is well and since for one its working, and two my doc is aware of how much I drink I see no need to change anything. I just wanted to mention all of that because I got a rather in depth and semi rude email from someone trying to make a case that I am hurting myself by drinking what I do so I thought I would sort of respond in today's post.

My exercise plan for today is going to start off with a walk with my daughter while she rides her bike followed by a seven or so mile ride with her in the trailer, I want to try and get out before the 90's and thunderstorms roll through. I can see that all of the bike riding that I do is paying off in the muscle department as my quads lately are rock solid in a way that I have never witnessed before and I think I like it. Even through my little slipping point the bike riding remained, I rode my daughter to and from school a lot even when the eating was not up to par and I guess just under 10 miles per day towing a kid and school supplies has its advantages. I am far from a distance rider when it comes to my bike, the furthest ride that I have done on a solid go has been in the 11-13 mile range and that was at a slow clip (hills and all that) but I am going to start pushing myself to go a bit further as I have discovered an old trail not far from where I live.

Going back to my regularly scheduled eating plan while exercising daily once again should get me moving in the right direction again with my weight and sooner than later I will cross that 300 pound mark....hopefully. I am feeling random with my post today but it is what it is and I am today at this very moment in time 18 pounds away from being under 300 pounds and crossing yet another century mark on this trip and somehow feel re-energized and ready to get the pounds falling off again and so it begins....again.

This is a process and will remain a process, nothing comes easy and a lot of work is still in front of me, failing is not an option and neither is anything less than hitting the goals that I have set into my direct path.

As Ever


  1. Sounds like whatever you have been doing "F" the haters.

    Water is an appetite suppressant so if you cut back, you may struggle with your caloric intake because of it.

    If your doctor says it's OK...then it's OK..unless your doctor is Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.

  2. Good for you, backing to kicking some ass and getting results. I need to get my discipline back as well. I think I am ready.

  3. Totally random, but I follow your blog and have read about the Green tea you drink. I was listening to Jillian Michaels: Master Your Metabolism and she said green tea is good but not too much because it can effect your libido and I thought of you :) So random.
    I am in AZ and 2 gallons is totally normal to drink out here. I didn't even think about it!

  4. I read you whenever you post. When someone tells you to change something in your plan, please, please, please tell them to F#$#$k off. Nicely if you must, but c'mon people, the guy is doing great on what works for him.. Thanks again for the inspiration

  5. Your liquid intake sounds right to me! 8 glasses a day is for twigs. What I've read has all indicated that the more you weight the more fluid necessary. Sounds to me like you are doing it right brother!

  6. I don't think people are necessarily "haters" if they voice concern about your habits. I saw this article, for instance, and thought of you.

    But, honestly, I LIKE your style, dude, and I'm glad to hear your doc approves of your drinking habits. :)

    Main thing: just keep taking good care of yourself! You are worth it.