Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 911, a menu and an omelet.

We're taking it back to old school kind of posting for a bit to get a groove going which means that menus, exercise and hydration will be posted daily along with a Friday weigh in. Tuesday went well in the intake and hydration area but I didn't get anything into my day that I would call exercise past regular daily kind of chores. Two gallons of straight H2O went down the hatch as I forgot to make my green tea the night before and my calories came in at 1725 which is right in there as far as what I want to be eating right now. For dinner I made a really good omelet consisting of 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites, 1.5 oz New York strip, Egyptian onions, yellow onions, tomato, green bell peppers, jalapeno, baby bella mushrooms and 2 oz of Kraft low fat cheddar cheese with a couple Zesty dill spears and some whole wheat toast on the side all for 515 total calories and as you can see from the menu it was an eggy kind of day for me.

Straight from my garden here are some of the smaller Egyptian onions that I didn't use in the omelet.

This is my omelet, there are many like it but this one is can see some of the Egyptian onions next to the plate, they have a strong smell and a mild flavor.

7:15 AM
coffee creamer 50

9:00 AM
1 whole egg 4 whites 130
2.5oz steak 150
2oz kraft low fat cheddar 90
peppers/jalapeno/tomato 35
pickle 10

1:30 PM
2 slices whole wheat toast 140
1 T almond butter 95
1 T strawberry preserves 35

2:00 PM
banana 100

6:15 PM
1 whole egg 4 whites 130
1.5oz steak 90
2oz kraft low fat cheddar 90
peppers/jalapeno/tomato/mushroom 55
Zesty pickle 10
2 slices whole wheat toast 140
Smart balance 25

6:45 PM
3/4 banana 75

8:15 PM
1 banana 105
2 oranges 170

There was nothing in the way of exercise in my life yesterday, cleaned up the yard a bit, weeded my garden and some normal house cleaning kind of stuff but no bike rides, no gym, no calisthenics or the likes. Today will be different, I will at least get a bike ride into my day at some point and would like to try to get to the gym as its been a good while since I have been able to get there because of the kids not being in school. The idea to wake up at O dark thirty and go to the gym has entered into my head but I have never been a morning person and my back still smarts for about the first hour of my day unless I give its space to warm up naturally so I am unsure thats the best idea but I am going to explore it because I have to get my cardio in each day and its just not happening lately.

The plan for today is to eat within my 1700 calories, get a bike ride in and drink a plenty, I did not get any green tea in yesterday because I forgot to make it the night before. Forgetting to brew my green tea the night before usually means one of two things, I run out and give Arizona tea a couple more of my dollars buying a gallon of tea or I miss out for the day. I did get an iced tea maker from wify for my birthday (most thoughtful gift award) and am planning on reading the instructions today so I shouldn't have a reason to miss out on a day without tea any more and hopefully it saves us a few bucks because of not having to buy a gallon of the pre-made stuff.

I have been going through some of my older posts from the first year and am beginning to get myself back into a frame of mind where I have to push myself to the front of the things to do list again regardless of the other stuff that's going on currently in the life of me. Tomorrow will be more of the same as I continue down this road to a healthier me, I have a few goals that still need to be reached and I have not gotten down to my goal weight just yet so that must be a priority because not doing for myself is partially what got me into this obese situation (man I hate that fuckin word) in the first place.

Making ones self priority one is as important as the air that we breathe sometimes and I can't lose sight of that again.

As Ever


  1. Fantastic ! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Your omelet looks and sounds delicious. Will have to give it a try ... should work with bits from my famous crockpot pot roast!

    I've been drinking a lot of lemon-juice-ice-water lately but it gets boring so I might made some green tea myself. Thanks for the idea.

    Vee at

  3. That omelet looks absolutely amazing, and you know what a big fan of omelets I am. Great presentation too...

    I read a post from exactly a year prior everyday---and I never know what I'll find---Often times it gives me a perspective and that wonderful mindset a refresher on what has carried us this far.

    You're incredible, you really are---and I hope you realize what a powerful inspiration you are to many.

    Thank you my friend,

  4. Why Egyptian onions? What else are you growing in the garden?

  5. Thanks for the support guys!

    Sean indeed I know that you are an omelet fan, I too love my omelets! and eat them often. I take a look back at my old posts a lot as well but I actually sat and read through a large group and noticed a focus that I just don't have right now because of other fires that are going, we will get back there.

    LMH, why Egyptian onions? because I have them of course ;) I was low on regular old onions so outside I went, they are good because you can eat the greens like chives and the small sets of onions are very tasty and very abundant in my patch. Egyptian onions are sort of not common and not really something that you can just walk into a garden center and grab on your way home and they grow literally like weeds and are harder to kill so I eat them as long as they are producing.

    what else is in the garden is bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, 3 different varieties of tomato (grape, better boy, beefsteaks) eggplant, Zucchini, rhubarb, Honey dew melons, asparagus and I believe that its 9 blueberry bushes that I have, and in addition to that a small herb garden which has sweet Italian basil (use it like every day) chives, mint and thyme.

    I figure I have the time and the space a little garden is well worth the effort :)

    As Ever

  6. Thank you! I live in an apartment and grow what I can in pots, and I am always on the lookout for good and different kinds of produce for my container garden and my eventual house garden. I love the fresh veggies and strange varieties.

  7. How cool!!! I, too, have a patch of Egyptian onions (they are called Egyptian Walking Onions, 'cause when the bulbs on the top get big & heavy, the stalk gives out and falls over. If left there, the onion cluster will take root and produce another plant - with more topset onions, thereby perpetuating the walking onion bit!)...Some seed catalogs carry the bulbs...if planted in the fall, you'll get a plant coming up in the spring.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled program....