Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Report 4

Starting to feel like a broken record because I am being so consistent lately but that's a good thing right?!  Bodymedia says that I ate 1835 calories and I fell a little short on my steps yesterday but that's because I missed my afternoon walk so I will try and make up for it today a little bit. Instead of writing it daily lets just assume that I am hydrating enough with a gallon and a half to 2 gallons of fluids per day and over all I am feeling pretty good which is different from how its been the last couple months or so. 

I did go out for another walk around the lake stopping at the open spots to toss a line in the water when I came across them, not a single bite last night but the sunset more than made up for the lack of actual fishing. My daughter came along on her bike and over all its been a nice way to wind down my days so I shall continue to do it.

Over all I am feeling pretty good about how things are going thus far, I am not overly hungry at all and meal planning is coming back to me so for the most part I am right where I want to be. I do want to switch back over to mostly whole foods as that seemed to be what was the ticket for me on the last go around so that's in the plans too.

I've not set any "goals" or "rewards" for myself as my goal is to be healthy again and my rewards will be the things that I am missing out on now as a result of my backsliding. 

As Ever


  1. Hello,

    I have been lurking on your site for quite some time. I have weight issues myself and I certainly am rooting for your success. Are you currently employed and work outside the house (i.e. go to a job), work at home (i.e. computer based) or are you a stay-at-home dad? The reason I ask is that I, myself, work in an office and find I am able to control my eating better when I am not home with constant access to the kitchen. I imagine if I was a stay-at-home dad or worked at home, it would be harder to stay away from the temptation of constant snacking. Anyway, best of luck; I believe that writing down your calories and exercise does help with weight loss success. Paul

  2. Wow! You have some beautiful pictures of fishing!