Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do what we do...

Its funny how I can be doing so well as far as eating within my allotted calories and going for walks/bike rides daily and feel like I am treading water because I don't know my current weight. It doesn't make any sense that we put so much on that number but we do and until I catch up to where my scale is I am going to have to deal with it, get over it and just keep on pushing through. 

Speaking of pushing through, yesterday on my daily walk about .80 miles in it started to rain, I gave my daughter the option to turn around and try and beat ay hard rain back home or finish the walk and deal with anything that came.. we turned around. So my walk was cut short but thats fine, I did enjoy walking through the rain on the way home while my daughter dodged between trees on her bike in an attempt to stay dry. 

Other than the mental block that is there because of the not knowing my weight I am still on track and am looking to get back down to where I was, I wish I could put a time line on it for myself to gauge a somewhat educated guess as to when I will reach it but since I can't weigh myself right now, it is what it is and plugging along is the plan. Today its once again raining so we'll see what happens as far as my walk goes, my feet have stopped hurting from the walks, my ass is doing ok on the bike and I am tweaking my intake so that its more balanced, we seem to be on a roll. 

Until next time, That's all I got...

As Ever

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  1. Hey not cool about the rain, I have the same problems living in the UK but I have brought rain coat and trousers so now going for walks in the rain is ok, give it a try (the dog still enjoys it in the rain :) )