Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Report 2

Yesterday finished off with 1810 calories in, 1 gallon of green tea and more than 1 gallon of H2O, I did not get in anything that I would call exercise and my walk did not happen because it was rainy. Though I got to bed by 11PM it was hard for me to fall asleep and then I was up at 4AM, maybe my body needs to adjust to getting full nights sleep again as I have always required less than 7 hours per night.

After talking with a couple people who have the Bodymedia Fit Link I decided that I would give it a go as I had a gift card that would cover the cost of the device and buying a health related item seemed like a good idea. Last night I ran out and picked it up, created my account and it is charging right now, I am a little worried that it will not be as comfortable as I am hoping but I will find out as soon as these 2 little lights blink green indicating that the device is fully charged.

Of course I will be giving my opinions etc on the fit link and I will continue to post as I can because getting this weight off has to be a priority.

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  1. I've been using the Bodymedia core armband and my observation on the comfort of it is that you need to be careful not to overtighten it, and change its position now and then. For example, sometimes I wear it really high up on my arm, other times about midway between the elbow and the shoulder, and sometimes a bit above or below that point. In time you get more used to it, and don't notice it as much.