Monday, August 19, 2013

A new week

We have a week behind us, but its not just a week its a successful week where my health is concerned. I stuck to my calories all week and throughout the weekend and I am moving more again, I am going to admit something because my blog has always been about accountability. I have a scale, it weighs up to 400 pounds, when I bought this scale I had the option to buy one that went to 450 pounds but in my wildest dreams I never thought I would see even 350 pounds never mind 400 and I find myself unable to weigh myself at home currently. Yep, I am more than 400 pounds currently and not very happy about it so I am indeed weighing myself every couple days waiting for that scale to pop off a number for me to go off of but for now I am as they say flying blind. 

I am not much more than 400 but I am above because my scale gives me a "E" I will continue to do what I am doing, logging my food, walking daily and getting my fluids in and sooner than later I am guessing that scale will give me a number. 

A shot of the moon over the lake I was fishing Saturday.

From Friday to Sunday I stayed active running errands and fishing, I skipped going out to a Polynesian place on Saturday night with my father in law mostly because looking at their menu it was a lot of fried foods and "Chinese" style dishes read: like Chinese fast food and since I have done so well I wanted it to remain that way. I have a walk planned for today some time and maybe some fishing so staying active is definitely on my agenda and I am bringing it back to basics with the walking because it works! 

when I began down this road to a healthier life I walked, I walked some more and then I walked some more, then it wasn't because I thought it to be an awesome weight loss tool (I sort of did) but it was because it was what I could muster being 500 plus pounds. This time around its a combination of the two, walking is something that I can do with my daughter and we both enjoy it, walking allows me to basically have an hour long conversation with her while we do something physical together and well to be honest its at my current pay grade so to speak.

Walking, counting calories, staying focused on the task at hand is my job right now, not because I want to do it, not because I should do it but because I need to do it.... so I will. 

the cycling like a madman will come back in due time... until then its just me and my walking with some light biking tossed in. 

Until next time.

As Ever


  1. You know what to do. And, I'm very happy to see you back at it!!! Walking is great! It moves your body, and you can look around. Enjoy the time with your daughter... that is worth every so much!!!

  2. Walking was one of my main ways to exercise the first time I decided to lose weight. I love that you're including your daughter on your walks. A great way to spend time with her and get her into an exercise habit!

  3. Walking was my main form of exercise the first time I started on a weight loss program. I love that you're including your daughter on your walks. A great way to spend time with her and get her into a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Hey don't give up I weighed a lot and 1 year later I lost 100lbs, don't stop giving up on those dreams and you will reach your goal.

  5. Walking is my depression medication, it's my therapist, it's my best friend, I will never stop. When anything is on my mind I head out the door to heal myself. Plan your first 5k then 10k, half ... Put a goal in front of you always and you will always move towards it. Don't worry about the scale.

  6. Yeh I agree with steve, The trick is to never give up and also I try not to weigh myself constantly. I just weigh myself when I THINK I have lost some weight and that keeps me motivated