Thursday, July 15, 2010

The man in the is he big!

When one day we look in the mirror and see 500 pounds staring back at us more than a few thoughts go through our heads, When did this happen? I wonder how much I really weigh? If I hold my head at this angle with that light twisted like this I don't look THAT big. I myself look back at how it came about to me getting that big and even retracing the steps can't figure it out exactly, I know that I was a big ol' fella to begin with and then back in about 2000 blew out my back and became perfectly sedentary and from there I gained and gained. Before I knew it I was bigger than I had ever been and was looking for a way out of being that big so I looked at the surgery option about seven years later but upon researching some of the procedures I found out that it was just a way to force me into not eating because of a tiny stomach, that's not something I was cool with. I decided to change the way that I was doing things and here I am two and a half years later doing just that and have literally changed my life completely from where I was at 500 plus pounds.

I am sitting here typing this out and thinking back to how things were compared to how they are now. Back when I was much heavier I would wake up as late as possible so that I could do whatever I needed to do to start my day but before anything downing a huge cup of coffee with way too much creamer in it was a must and then there was that second cup. Now I wake up and hit the ground running, instead of the coffee its a big glass of home brewed green tea and then its getting the kids ready for their day and off to school. After that my day kind of develops on its own and can range from a trip to the gym, a bike ride, some gardening (I just found my first eggplant out there this morning) or lots of other things and the previous situation is more like a prison sentence than a life.

Making the decision to do something about it was one of the best ideas that I have ever had and I am here today writing this to keep myself on track and for you to read and hopefully see that it can be done, that decision not so long ago in a galaxy not so far far away got me to this point. Things would be completely different today if I hadn't done what I did to get my health back, in fact I may not have even made it to this point of my life if I hadn't changed when I did, no one will ever know that and I am glad about that fact if I am being honest. If you find yourself looking at a reflection that just does not look like the you that you know is there do yourself a favor and decide that today will be the day that you do something about it, today will be the day that you start living again. If you found this blog chances are that you are considering doing something about your weight issues or are doing something about them or maybe you just stumbled here accidentally when you searched "sexy fat dudes", of course I am kidding on that last one but hey! who knows? however you got here just take a look at some of my before and after pictures if you think that it can't be done without surgery, pills or some expensive per month diet guru's plan because I used none of that and am down more than 200 pounds because of it and if those pictures don't do it for ya check out my man Harvey McDullardsonfengenden.

Now to some business, I have not done a weigh in and that's partially because of my absence in writing posts a week or two ago but partially because I have slipped slipped slipped back and have gone up in weight shame on me I know. I will still do a "weigh in" post of sorts tomorrow and until I get sub 300 pounds, the difference is that until I cross that threshold I'm not going to post what I weighed, instead of my weight I will post what I lost or gained that week and this week is a crazy number. When I hit 300 pounds on the nose or a sub 300 pound weight no matter what day it is I will post that actual weight and I am again thinking about doing a video blog perhaps for my weigh in days? or maybe just at that milestone? or making a recipe? I am not sure yet but I have been for a LONG time wanting to do one and I think that the time is coming sooner than later.

That's the end of this post and I need you to know that if you want to get healthy and drop a few or a lot of pounds that its all up to you, no one else eats for you and no one else's ass is going to grow because you ate that extra cannoli.

Thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. The fact is none of us are perfect. We slip up. The fact that you know you slipped and have made the choice to do something about it is what will make the difference whether or not you get to your goal weight. I think with every slip up, I have in turn, learned something about myself. Maybe we are supposed to slip up every now and then. Congrats on your journey thus far!

  2. You mean I can't just PAY somebody to gain the weight from the extra food I eat. Darn! LOL.

    Point taken. Good job getting back on track dude.

  3. Good to hear from you, as always. Keep attacking it, are a champ.

  4. I am inspired by your message and I applaud your progress! Keep up the good work! Keep encouraging people to not give up when they slip...if toddlers gave up every time they fell while learning to walk, they'd never walk! Best Wishes to you, sweetie!

  5. I love your posts. You enspire me more then you will ever know. I have only lost 10lbs of the 125lbs I need to lose but I feel on fire becouse of what you have done!
    Thank you for sharing.