Monday, July 12, 2010

You could spend your time walking around coward, or you can get up!

Losing weight has changed my life in ways that I am unsure are describable in words on a computer screen written in a blog, I have found direction in more than one instance since deciding to get my shit together in the health department. People have told me that I am "amazing" and that I am "dedicated" right down to "holy shit you've lost how much? dude you are my hero" and yet I don't feel that I am any different from you or the next guy walking down the street. I am in the belief that anyone that finds themselves in a situation where their health is declining faster than our current presidents approval rating that they can make small changes and get decent sized results. January 2008 was a turning point for me and most of you that read my blog already know that but in the beginning I literally just limited my calories and exercised when I could and when I did it was usually 15 minutes or so at a time or a short walk around the block, that doesn't seem so drastic now does it? yet the results are stunning because I am more than 200 pounds lighter today because of those tiny steps in the beginning.

Circa 1995 pre back injury and more hair screwing around my brother asked me to make a "get the fuck away from me" face (I will spare him by not posting his image from that day) but this is probably the last time in my life where I felt unstoppable until recently so to remind me what it felt like I decided to pop it up here.

Evolving into something more every day my plan became something stronger than the baby steps that it started with, walking turned into running and that into biking onward to joining a gym and here I am today. Creating habits with my eating that I don't have to think about because its what feels natural now and is just how I am or should I say who I am now. I think that is pretty good considering where I started back in 2008 at 534 pounds unable to sustain a slow paced walk for even a quarter of a mile without feeling like I was going to grenade my lower back or have my heart beat right out of my chest only to explode on the sidewalk in front of me. I almost see it as being a coward, the older me that is because instead of taking life by the throat and making it what I wanted it to be there I was sitting idly by as it flew past my eyes at breakneck speeds as I grew more rotund. I always feel the need to give myself the tiniest bit of a pass because of the back injury that I got back then because it really was the pivot point from being a "big guy" to weighing more than 500 pounds but I can still look at it with unbiased eyes and call it an excuse at this point because of the fact that eating less is always an option no matter how much pain is involved, the two are unrelated.

So whats my point? "where are you going with this today man?" I actually don't have a point right now other than deciding that I needed to put into words something, anything because its what I need to do to get my ass back on the path. I've got no time to lose and If you think you got 1000 years to mess around....You're wrong! I got no time for addiction, no time for smoke and booze, too strong for a shortened life span, I've got no time to lose! It's time to shine, yeah, it's hero time.

Hero time starts right now.

As Ever


  1. Nice. Good job.

    I feel EXACTLY the same way. I messed around with this crap too long. If only I knew then what I know now.... I have to do this today---- I can not sit and worry about it tomorrow. If I do that, I might quit.

    Thanks buddy!

  2. thanks for rising to your own standards. so many of us have the intentions yet rarely do we carry them out, day after day after day...i just replanted a seed and i'm looking at people like you to keep reminding myself that it's possible with patience and perseverance.

  3. Getting up, getting out!