Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That hill over there? yeah thats my bitch...

Disaster averted? perhaps, perhaps not but lets pretend that it was anyways because I have a body to sculpt into that of a Greek yeah, lets just say that I have some work left to do. You may have noticed that I changed the layout of the blog a bit and that was mostly because of boredom but partially because I need to start working on me again and I thought a new look for my chicken scratch might go with that so there you have it. I have been working on other people for the last two months and suddenly I am reminded that the last time I paid myself no mind that it didn't end up so good for my hard body status, you know, that time where I ended up weighing 534 pounds? So onto me for a while, I mean, keeping things in focus for the other things is a must just because they are but that doesn't mean that I can't squeeze in some time for Me, Myself and I and with that it begins again.

Today as I type this at just after 6PM I am 1680 calories into my budget and as full as I ever want or need to be, I made some rice and beans with grilled turkey burgers or should I say burger because I only had one but either way I am where I should be with the calories. I am a little light on my fluids today compared to my usual, I have about a half gallon of green tea down the hatch along with just under three quarts or so of straight H2O but I do have a half gallon of tea in the fridge for when I am through with this post. Yesterday my calories were over by 2 yogurts a banana and a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream with some whipped cream and I honestly don't know what the calories for my side dish at dinner was as I made stuffed eggplant and did not figure what a serving would be on my excel sheet yet.

The dish turned out good and I winged a stuffing for it consisting of the guts from the eggplant, chopped red onions, green bell peppers, yellow summer squash and baby bella mushrooms sauteed and then coated with a light amount of panko bread crumbs and seasonings. A shake of Parm cheese some bruschetta and mozzarella later and it was pretty damn good for a "wingin' it" kind of recipe and sort of had an eggplant parm meets stuffed mushroom feel to it. I do need to adjust the recipe a bit with the next couple few eggplants that I have in the garden growing right now and when I do I will post a complete recipe and the steps that I took along with the calorie value for the dish.

Yesterday I was granted what some people call a "non scale victory" when I went for a ride on my bike, apparently all of that towing the little monster, er I mean darling around for the last few months has improved my strength on a bike. Let me start with a short description of the road that I live on, there is a very steep hill that is shorter than another hill that is twice as long but not as steep until the very top, one hill is on one side of a Y in the road and the other is down the opposite way. Last I want to say September or so I took a ride up that longer hill and was out of commission for a couple days because of it and I have since dubbed that hill evil and have not tried to ride it again. Now if you read this blog regularly you probably know that I rode my daughter to school in her trailer for the last several months since it was warm enough to do so and I needed to go up the shorter but steeper hill to get her there. Yesterday I decided to go out for a quick 6 mile ride and thought about that hill and frankly I was just bored with the other route so off I went.

The bottom of the hill looking up feels like it goes for a mile and I was quickly brought back to last year and the sore hips and arse from the previous time me my bike and that hill were acquainted but I stood onto the pedals and went for it. Hitting the top of the hill I was barely winded and thought "Ok here is a flat spot now for the run at the top, you can do this" but alas the stop sign that brings me into the turn down a really steep decline was right there in front of me. I looked back to make sure that there was a hill behind me because I really was not winded as much as I felt that I should be but there I was, at the top with nothing but a fast ride down to the next incline. This route is longer than the other one by just about a mile and I am going to start riding this way instead as it offers me a change of scenery and now that I made the hill my bitch I need it to remember it.... I need to remember it.

Making the best choices for my health has to be priority one and I need to keep that in mind somehow, as soon as tragedy strikes in another facet of my life I go straight into fix it mode and the focus on myself is out the window. This isn't going to be easy and it has never been easy but I have come so far along now and so many changes have happened that I am making it hard for myself to fail and I need to keep pushing as hard as I can because I have to, not because I want to, not for someone else, not so that I can wear my yellow polka dot speedo to the beach but because I must and that's how its going to be.

That's all I got..

As Ever


  1. Always enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your progress.

    I used to always take a backseat to everyone else. Now, jokingly, I will remind my husband, It's all about ME!" And now I can say it and not feel guilty.

  2. *grin*

    great post! (love LOVE L:O:V:E the title!!!)

    Can't wait for the eggplant recipe, sounds yummy!

  3. GREAT for you.
    it was only when I "got" the notion of putting on my oxygen mask FIRST so that I COULD help others my own life turned around.
    so trite
    so true.

    (as always I love your post titles..)


  4. That is sooo awesome Tony!! I have a hill I ride that I call my "Nemesis". My kids think I'm nuts but I just can't make it up that hill without stopping.

    We went on a 3 week vacation out west and did a lot of hiking, when I came back that hill was much easier. It feels so good to know you're getting fitter all the time. I might even try a spinning class soon.