Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 924, still NOT a morning person.

The way its working out is that I am finding some time in the early AM to get to the gym for the past few days and never before in my life have I felt less like a morning person than right now. Par for the course usually means that I go to the gym and I am somehow energized to the point that nothing can stop me for a few hours and I buzz around with a feeling of ownership for the whole universe. Enter the AM work out, wake up, shower and pre-gym I am feeling great and ready to own the universe, into the car and off I go into my alone time a Rollins CD goes into the player and the aroma of win wafts around in the car. Fifteen minutes into my stationary bike ride a growl in my gut asking for something to eat and obviously we are in the wrong place for this so I tell it to pipe down and keep on pedaling, onto the treadmill we go and a twenty minute brisk paced walk on an incline not more than 5.0% feels like a hike on the Appalachian trail but I know that its in my head so I finish. Upon arriving home a nap is on my mind where usually right after the gym I am looking for my bike or a quick lunch before I head outside to do whatever in the yard and use up the excess energy but the last few days are like I am in some bizarro superman world and I can't catch a groove.

Wify had a response that was probably most accurate when she simply said "You're not a morning person" and I agree whole heartedly that I am not a morning person in any sense of the word but man! this is a whole new feeling for me. This AM schedule is throwing off my eating as well because I eat breakfast, go to the gym and come home hungry so I am eating again. Today I ate a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter on it after the gym which is not too bad but it didn't really do the trick so I am left with an emptiness in my stomach until lunch which is also something new for me. Since I started this trip to the half I haven't really experienced being especially hungry, even when I was off track and now that I am working out early in the morning (much earlier than I ever have) hunger enters stage left. I can guess and say that my body is using more energy than I have on board at that hour or the likes but why am I tired? why does it feel like I can just lay down and take a nap like right now as I type this even! Adjustment needed perhaps? my hiatus changed my metabolism a bit maybe and now I need to shift it back? Unsure I am I say in my best Yoda impression.

I can also come to the conclusion that all of the swimming that I have been doing lately can be effecting me more than I thought maybe, I have to admit that I am sore in places that I have not been in quite some time. The insides of my thighs for instance are very sore, my obliques right up into my arm pits are feeling it and for some odd reason the insides of my biceps are sore too. Is this the reason for the tired feeling? new muscles coming into play all while the program is changing up with the AM cardio? maybe I am just in need of some getting my ass kicked for a bit to get me back to where I was before I just don't know but I do know that the gym is not fun at this very moment.

So what do you do to combat being fatigued after an AM workout? is there a super breakfast that you eat that pulls you through the morning without double dipping thus boosting calories for the day?

That's all I got for today

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  1. For breakfast I usually eat this, and for me it is about 300 calories and lasts all morning. If I get hungry because of a work out I usually eat an ounce of almonds mid morning or have a Greek yogurt or some berries.

    .5 cup egg substitute
    2 slices Canadian bacon, diced
    .25 cup diced onions
    .5 cup diced bell peppers (I use red and green)
    .25 cup shredded 2% cheese
    1 Tbs light sour cream
    2 Tbs Salsa

    Over medium heat and a slicked 8" pan I cook the egg stuff first flipping once the top sets, sprinkle the cheese on the cooked side and cover with a lid to melt the cheese. Slide onto a plate, then take the Canadian bacon, peppers, and onions and cook till the veggies are soft. Spread the sour cream and salsa over the egg. When veggies and bacon are done, top egg.

    I also keep diced onions and peppers in my fridge at all times, so the breakfast thing is a whole lot easier.

  2. Although I'm just starting to incorporate exercise into my life, I make sure my day starts out with protein. 1-2 eggs, with a tad bit of cheese if I'm bored with eggs. 2-3 hours later, I have a handful of raw almonds. 2-3 hours after that, it's lunch (carbs, fruit and protein).

    I'm sure it's just the change in your routine or the hot weather or what you suggested.

    I'm just pretty much a beginner so take what I saw with a grain of salt. You've done fine, and will continue to be healthier and healthier.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  3. Tony, you KNOW I'm a beginner, but here is what I do if I am going out for a morning ride.

    I want to eat something fast, so I either have a light Yoplait, a banana and/or a nutri-grain bar. I basically just want to get something healthy in my body that my body can chew on when I am working out. Then, I come home and have a lighter, but normal 300 cal breakfast.

  4. Hey there! Just ran across your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it. I'm following and blogrolling, as well. =)

    Morning eating is usually tough for me, as I'm not a morning person either, but it's what jumps the body's metabolism, so generally I'll eat proteins that tend to fill me up. Eggs, bacon, and turkey. And Nicole has it right... Greek yogurt is AWESOME and delicious.

    Then, a mid-morning snack such as peanuts or a small salad.

    I would suggest experimenting and seeing what fills you up the most while still falling in line with your diet.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  5. I am a morning person, and I don't eat before I workout at 6:30 AM. I can run less than an hour without eating and lift weights, too. I eat breakfast after of nuts, rasins, oatmeal with coffee, about 300 cals worth. (I have sugar on my oatmeal.)
    I drink lots of water as well, and incorporate protein in all my subsequent meals.

    On longer run days, I eat before I run. Usually something with carbs and protein, like the hubby's homemade pancakes or toast and fruit with peanut butter.

    I eat about 1300-1600 calories a day.