Thursday, July 29, 2010

Give me the forkanspoon! what did she say??

Its raining its pouring the old man is snoring, well I was anyways but now I am up and at em with breakfast down the hatch and a glass of green tea in front of me I am ready to get today going. This morning I am feeling somewhat run down and I am unsure whether its the stress of my father being in the hospital that's caught up to me or if I am coming down with something, whichever it is its going to have to step aside because I need to get rolling again. My intake for yesterday was a bit high coming in at 1820 total but it went high because of a mango that was calling to me so I am not too worried about it, I kind of LOVE Mangos when they are perfectly ripe like this one was so it was irresistible. Drinking is always on par except when I get into situations where I am stuck in a car all day so I am definitely hydrated right now and am still loving the iced tea maker that I got for my birthday as it is making my life easy with the keeping fresh brewed tea around.

Making sure that I am recording my intake has again become a priority which means that I can share with you what I ate each day as long as I am keeping up with that. I made some grilled salmon on Tuesday and had a couple small fillets left and I won't eat a reheated salmon fillet so I usually end up preparing it like you would tuna and it turns out pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself. I simply take some of the fillet and break it all up so that it looks like tuna, dice some red onion into it, a tiny bit of sweet relish, Miracle whip and a shake of black pepper later its done and I serve it on sandwich thins which are 100 calories each with some fresh from the garden tomato sliced on top, bamn! a very yummy lunch made from leftovers. Have a look at yesterdays complete menu, the meals are a little heavy so there was less snacking but that's ok as long as its not an all of the time habit.

7:30 AM
2 servings corn pops 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:15 PM
2 deli thins 200
3.5 oz grilled salmon 175
1 T miracle whip 50
onion/relish/tomato 35

3:00 PM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

5:45 PM
5oz ground turkey (turkey burger) 200
hard roll 170
1 cup rice and beans 300
grilled onions 30

8:00 PM
1 mango 110

Not too shabby and that lunch really was good, I drank a gallon of green tea and just over a gallon of straight H2O for the day and am feeling fairly good about where I am headed this week. Remembering where I came from with my health and weight loss I have to keep in mind just how unhappy I was back when I was 200 plus pounds heavier and use that to push me through stressful times because without my health stress is something that I lived with on a daily and constant basis. I use to do challenges to myself and since I haven't had time to get to the gym I am going to post a little challenge for myself on today's post, for every unique comment that I get on THIS post by midnight tonight where the poster promises to drink an extra 16 oz of water today I will do 10 push ups tomorrow. Here is your chance to make a fat man sweat and not feel bad about it so let me know that you are drinkin' that extra H2O and I will pay for it with my sweat, so the bar tab is on me this time.

With that the end has come to this installment of as the fat guy turns and I am off to do my crunches for the day, drink some more H2O and try to get out for a bike ride when/if a clearing floats over me. I am trying to work something out with the boss lady that will allow me to get out to the gym later in the day but its going to take some doing so we shall see because I NEED to get back to regular cardio ifin' I'm going to win this fight and with the little animals home from school for the summer is making that task harder than it has been. That's all I got for today so keep on keepin on and all that good stuff but whatever you do never forget that You are the one controlling that fork at the end of your arm.

As Ever


  1. I promise to drink an extra 16 oz of water today...he he he!!! Shelly_do

  2. I promise to drink 16oz extra today: that will be 14 8-oz cups instead of my usual 12. - BigGirl208 from SP!

  3. Hey Botzz, Fight fan here. I am chug-a-lugging right now. Let me know how those push ups go. I did about twenty today, I have been working to do more and better push ups. Good luck to ya.

  4. I have just filled up my 16-oz water bottle with ice, filtered water, and lemon juice. Hope that qualifies!

    Vee at

  5. I am sucking down 16 oz of extra water today to make you do extra push ups. I'll do the push ups too!

  6. i won't promise, 'ciz i DID drink more than 16 extra oz today!! have fun with the push-ups, my friend!!

  7. Ok TOny. I promise to drink an extra 16oz of water. (already have. isthat cheating?)
    So start crankin' out those push-ups. I think you are at 70 so far....