Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 932, 723 posts later randomness.

Alarm rings, dragging myself from bed is the last thing that I want to do today but I do. The morning progresses as normal besides forgetting to feed the tiny darling breakfast before school so a few small hand held food items come into the car with us for the short ride to school, she is dropped off and a goodbye kiss later I am off to the gym. Me and Christina ride into the gym together as I listen to her piano playing and nerve easing voice the ride goes by faster than usual, before I know it I am parked and gathering my things. Into the gym I walk, greeted with a forced smile and a hello, its not the regular girl at the counter I say "Hi" while B lining for "My" bike.

Unroll the headphones from my pocket, adjust the seat on the bike, place the cell phone/mp3 player into the holder in said bike and stretch my legs its time to get to business. Gia Farrel "Hit me up" in my ears I try to hit an average RPM of about 90 usually but the past two weeks I have been kicking it up a bit closer to 95 or so and now I want to hit an average of 100 so its on as soon as I start pedaling. Four minutes into my virtual ride she sits next to me, she blatantly stares over at the screen on my bike and then goes wild, apparently she thought we were racing. I can pedal at a high 90 RPM pace for a good while and when she looked over I was right there and did I mention that she went wild? I glanced over expecting to see an honest 125RPM on her display as she ferociously pedaled elbows thrashing and knees flailing but it was 91 which is pretty much where she stayed....for about 2 minutes. I finished my ride and I always stand there for a second before getting a towel to clean off the bike to see what the average was and today it was 95, not too shabby but I want to start averaging 100 so I quickly made that decision.

Onto the treadmill I went, 10% incline 2.8 MPH to start, a minute in we bump it to 3.5 MPH and pretty much stayed there for 20 minutes as my "Gym-2" play list kept me moving. Here is where I started analyzing some things including some of the other people in my immediate vicinity. I started thinking about how just two and a half years ago that I could only ride my stationary bike at home for 15 minutes before I wanted to weep soulfully into my hands which was very much less resistance than the bike I ride now at almost 100 RPM's is. Then my attention went to a girl that works at the gym who was cleaning some of the machines off, I never noticed just how amazing her legs are, she has what appears to be a 15 inch waist and very muscular legs and um.. while the top half of her could pass for a young boy, she rarely smiles but always seems to be paying attention to the music, now I wonder if she worked hard for those gams or if they are natural, yes I just used the word gams. I watched an older gentleman who walked in with a cane get on a recumbent bike and found myself smiling because he was doing what he was doing in lieu of the cane, I hope to make it to his age and still be on a bike some day.

At this point I started watching my heart rate and laps on the treadmill, Rob Base "It takes two" starts as I bumped the speed up to 3.7MPH just for kicks but as the two minute mark was approaching I felt a pang of pain in the front of my ankle so back to 3.5 I went. Upon getting onto the hamster wheel I noticed the same fella on the elliptical in front of me who was sweating pretty good and I have watched him all week, the man is a machine and watching the sweat stain on his back evolve like Rorschach's Mask is becoming a habit that I need to kick. I wish that I could figure out where Rorschach gets his push from because I need it right now and that's where my thoughts were this morning as I walked behind him. When I arrive he is on that elliptical, I ride the bike to completion and get on the treadmill and I leave before he does. I say that but the last two days I have been driven to that point and my daughters summer class schedule forces me to cut my workouts short for now, soon enough I shall return.

Covered in sweat undefeated the cool down cycle starts so I begin rolling up the headphones and packing it up which means stick my phone and headphones in my pocket and grab my water bottle. Walking out I noticed that Rorschach was standing triumphant next to the abused elliptical taking a victory sip off of his bottle, perhaps he is just a man, I nod to the old fella with the cane as I walk by and pick up a dropped spray bottle for the girl cleaning the machines finally getting to see a smile when she said thanks. The regular girl is at the front by the door now telling me to enjoy the rest of my day and out the door I go back to Christina who is waiting in the car, Covered in sweat and blissfully accepting that fact I drive home.

Welcome to my day..

As Ever