Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No bells No whistles, just an update post.

Halloween got me, and what I mean is that I ate my share of candy, cookies and I was just not watching what I ate this weekend and all of what I am saying happened Sunday and Monday so Halloween was gone and done with! but the chocolaty morsels were within range and I figured that I had been without a "treat" for long enough and I indulged in more than a few pieces of candy, I have not been a good boy. I believe, let me rephrase, I know that stress was getting the better of me because of the surgery this week and the fact that all day Saturday it felt as if a Klingon shivved me with his D'k Tahg and then hung off of it for more than six hours, so to say that my Halloween day/evening was spent in pain is stating it lightly and after holding off for an extra week I missed out on trick or treating anyways.

When I was setting up an appointment date for my gallbladder surgery with the surgeon I decided to do it after Halloween so that I could as the nurse put it "Be on Trick or treating duty" as the original date was going to be Oct 28th but I wanted to be able to go out with the kiddos and not having a way to know if after the surgery I would be able to go it was scheduled for this week instead. Around 3pm Saturday I felt a gallbladder attack starting but I was out so I had to deal with it the best I could, it lasted maybe 40 minutes and then faded away enough for me to grab a couple things at the grocery store before heading home and half way home is when the pain really kicked in and I literally spent the next four hours nauseous, vomiting and feeling like I was the victim of a knife attack laying in an alley puking. 9:45 pm after a hot shower and almost seven hours of discomfort ranging from a bad stomach ache level of pain up to how I would imagine Hari Kari feels the pain was gone and I went straight to bed as you could imagine I was very much ready for a rest at that point.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I had not eaten in days, I guess the fact that all I had eaten the day before was a bowl of cereal and a chicken wrap at lunch time could explain that not to mention all of the vomiting and lack of fluids. I started off slow with a small piece of baked sweet potato from the night before and it didn't start world war 3 in my gut so I ate a little more and when it was all clear I literally ate all day. No worries I thought, I had not eaten all day Saturday and I needed it so it was a pass, but then Monday I didn't count my calories at all and then skipped the gym (which was the plan because of the surgery, I was not going to go to the gym Monday or Tuesday) but there was no reason for the munching besides the fact that I wanted it, it is what it is and I can't take it back so I can't worry about it.

This morning I woke up feeling good ie: normal again and am on the counting calories again as well as put the candy off limits, I am torn on the gym because I did not want to go the 2 days before the big day but as I sit here writing this I want to go today, so I just might. After tomorrow I will no longer need to worry about random Klingon attacks and I will have about a week or two of recovery (at least that's what the doc said) before I will be able to get back to my normal exercise routine so I am not looking forward to that, He also said that a lot of people are able to get right back to regular things in only a few days so lets hope. I know that I won't be able to do my regular bike plus Arc trainer plus weights routine right away but the fact sheet that I got from the surgeon says that walking is one of the best ways to get moving and recover quickly after this so I may end up at the gym just to walk for an hour per day until I feel up to doing more, all to be found out I suppose but having a plan going in should help me focus when the time comes.

It appears that my Gallbladder was not going out without a fight and gave me the worse attack since this whole thing started as a going away present. I will not have time in the am to write a post for tomorrow but perhaps I will feel like writing when I get home from the prom but perhaps not, either way wish me luck because after tomorrow I will be less one organ and that random getting shanked feeling will not belong to me any more. Not really a weight loss related post but then that happens from time to time, Thanks for following along and all that.

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  1. Good luck with your surgery! I am sure you'll be up again in no time :D

  2. I hope you are feeling better each day. How much does a gall bladder weigh, I wonder???

  3. Good luck and I hope it all goes well!!!

  4. Hey just saw your page on SP. I have a blog here as well to track my weight loss its on my profile on here. I believe I added you as a friend on SP as well. Great job in losing all the weight and my sister just had that surgery couple weeks ago! Best of luck with yours.

  5. We'll lift you in prayer, and also the hands of your caregivers (and the hands of the gall-bladder-takers-away)...have a speedy recovery, and ::listen:: to your body - don't push too fast!

  6. Couldn't help but wish you the best...a lurker and admirer.