Monday, November 23, 2009

Exercising, who me? yeah you! couldn't be. Then who?

Kickin around all weekend long I did not make the best choices where my intake was concerned but it wasn't terrible either, I stayed hydrated all weekend its just the extra calories that got me. A plus to the weekend is that I finally got to explore a trail not far from my house with Wify Saturday afternoon, we hiked 3 miles worth of this trail and decided that if we can get a sitter again next weekend and the weather cooperates that we will drive down to where we left off (we ended at a road crossing) and hike another 3 miles or so, it was really relaxing to get out on a nice day and go on a walk about with a beautiful woman.

My wife is noticing that about 30 minutes into or after I exercise that I get...hyper, yeah we will call it hyper for now. This phenomenon is something that I noticed as well but she seems to find it very humorous and likes to mess with me about it, about 30 mins into our walk she turns to me with this shit eating grin on her face and says "You just got VERY chatty" and I thought "hmmm I have haven't I" and within 3 minutes I was challenging wify to a skip race down the trail, and that thought turned into another thought "I wonder what the furthest distance anyone has ever skipped is?" to which Guinness popped into my head, I remembered when I was in my early 20's a friend of mine said that when I skip that I looked like a Deer prancing through the woods and that the distance from where I left the ground to where I landed between skips had to be 20 feet and before long I had come up with a plan to get into guiness by skipping the furthest.

I notice the same thing when I am at the gym, when I arrive I usually ride the stationary bike for 20 minutes no matter what I am going to do, it serves as a good warm up for me, and when I first get there I am sort of just there but after that ride I am ready to do anything. Friday for instance, My biceps were still killing me so I couldn't do the arc-trainer and I decided that I would do 30 minutes on the treadmill instead and I ended up doing 25 minutes on the bike and an hour and 10 minutes on the treadmill between a 3.0 and 7.0 incline and between 3.0 and 3.5 mph, I only stopped because I had to get back home in time to pick my daughter up from school. I have to say that I am rather enjoying this feeling that I get after and during exercise and can't help but to think that its my bodies way of making sure that I do it, making sure that it does not end up panting up stairs, or sweating from menial tasks perhaps even a way to stop the possibility of roots growing from my posterior into and through the couch again.

I over trained my biceps last week and learned my tough guy lesson and will use weight closer to what I should be instead of what I use to be able to do from here on out. I need to develop a more strict routine for my weight lifting because I am all over the place currently with it and making up a routine is not exactly something new to me as I use to lift a lot so upon returning from the gym today I am going to put some time into writing that up. My surgery is behind me now and I got my stupidity with preacher curls out of the way so I am refocusing and I can guarantee that results will be had in the coming weeks because its what I decided and that's all its going to take. I believe that adding a solid weight program into my exercise regimen will help me gain some of the lost mass back but I am unsure what will happen with the actual poundage loss/gain for a week or two because surly I will be retaining some fluids with the added weight training but since I am going to keep hitting the cardio as my main thing I think that I can keep the number going down while strengthening myself back up a bit, but now this post is getting rambly (is that even a word??!) so I shall end it here.

As always thanks for following along and the support and comments are ALWAYS appreciated so thank you all for that, make sure to stay hydrated and get some exercise into your days, if the once 534 pound fella can get to a point where he actually craves it then you can do it as well.

In 20 minutes think about how easy it would have been to exercise in that time and its out of the way, once you realize that it Really is that easy get up and do something about it, go ahead I dare ya!

As Ever

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  1. Buy the book "The New Rules of Lifting." The program is excellent and changes every couple of weeks so you have good direction and no stagnation.