Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to normal...ish..um..maybe not but I feel like I am!

I am back on track and counting again since my surgery, and this morning I woke up feeling great considering that yesterday was my first day without taking anything for pain and one of my four lovely incision spots still feels a little dodgy this morning but otherwise feeling like awesomeness in a bag. My intake for Monday was 1835 calories which is slightly higher than my normal 1700 but I did decide to up the calories a bit right before my surgery because of all of the extra exercise that I have been doing at the gym so I figure I will get back into it now and when I hit the gym again I will be in the swing of the new calorie scale.

I did go out for a short 15 minute walk yesterday and felt fine as far as any pain is concerned so hopefully that means that I can get back in the gym sooner than later. I won't push it because the gym will always be there and something that I have learned in the past almost 2 years of living healthier is that quick fixes usually never work, so hitting the gym before I am ready or should I say my body is ready will end up being a counterproductive endeavor if something were to happen and I injure myself. Being mentally ready to concur the world and physically limited by some tenderness because of a missing organ is slightly frustrating and again I am reminded how I was just about 2 years ago when sitting stationary was welcome and the norm, I am amazed still that I was in that situation not so long ago and here I am only a week so far where I am limited and going stir crazy because I am limited in the very same way.

I miss my stationary bike, I miss my arc-trainer, I want to take a ride around the lake on my mountain bike, in time this will be back in my days but for now I feel like Margot stuck in a closet while the other children play out in the sun, but sometimes Nature can be fickle and well...yeah I am missing an organ so. This feeling of wanting to go do something over sit on my arse though is a bit bleh because I can't do anything about it is sort of refreshing all at the same time because once upon a time I would have been more than happy to tout that I was not moving off of my robust posterior because I had just been in the Hospital dammit! I need my rest! it would have been the uber excuse that I needed to justify why I was stationary for the next few weeks. Quite the opposite is whats happening, Sunday I did some light yard work which was mostly slow raking and some sweeping but even though I was still somewhat in pain I just had to move around and felt better afterward.

Over all this week is off to a good start and hopefully in a few days I will start going back to the gym daily and get right back into my groove. I was on a roll with the pounds coming off and then post surgery I am WAY up in weight, its nothing that I am worried about between the eating not so great the couple days right after and not being able to drink as much as I would have liked to and the fact that I am sure I am retaining fluids because of the physical trauma to my body that the surgery caused, I am positive that it will right itself once I recover fully and get back to my routine.

That's all I have for you today, Thank you all for following along with my trials, successes and bumps while I get myself into top physical shape, Here's to better health and don't forget that H2O because as you all know I do believe it a very critical part of losing weight and staying healthy.

That is all..

You may now return to your work, play or coffee.

As Ever


  1. Definately right on the H20! I try to get between 8 and 12 cups a day. It usuallys ends up being a little more. It will be more now that I am only drinking water and then of course my apple juice or orange juice in the morning. Other than that all I drink is water :) on day 93 no fast food day 80 no caffiene and day 19 no pop!

  2. Keep in mind that often saline is used during surgery to keep your fluids up - saline being very high in sodium, adds to water weight. Keep drinking that green tea, and those salts will be flushed out asap!