Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do your thang Honey!

This week I have been focusing on the gym and apparently when I am in the gym I am focusing on working out, this is a good thing yes? I got in a pretty good work out yesterday which consisted of 20 minutes on a stationary bike, 20 minutes on the arc-trainer 40 minutes of weight lifting and a 10 minute cool down walk on the treadmill, all in all it was a great thing but today I am really feeling the effects of the weight lifting and believe that I may have over done it slightly as my left bicep is very sore.

I stayed within my calories for the day coming in at 1900 on the dot which is 40 lower than my projected calories with the whey protein shake that I drink on days that I lift so I am happy with that number, I drank a gallon each of green tea and straight H2O so hydrated I was and obviously by my first paragraph I made it to the gym so a good day indeed. Tomorrow is Friday but I haven't decided if I am stepping onto the scale in the am just yet and I really don't have a reason why other than I feel like I am doing what I need to do, I am getting cardio into my days, eating within my calories and I have added lifting weights again (post surgery) and though my weight is what it is I feel like I am starting to focus on over all health a tad more. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I also have a lot of other health goals to hit and one of those goals is to gain some mass back that was lost during my weight loss process so I want to start looking at that as a secondary goal for myself.

I mentioned that I got a good work out in at the gym and I must have really been in a zone because about 10 minutes into my arc-trainer workout Christina Augilera "ain't no other man" came into my ear phones through my mp3 player, now I have that song on there because my daughter loves it and will dance like crazy as soon as she hears it..ok ok I have never lied on this blog and I won't start now, I really like that song! as soon as you stop laughing I will continue with my story..go ahead I will wait..
anyways, between verses there is a dubbed voice that says "do your thang honey!" and I guess that I was really going or into it because I said OUT LOUD "do your thang honey!" which was followed by a "oh shit" when I realized that I had said out loud, then me laughing, not like a little chuckle but a full on laugh almost triggered a case of unstoppable giggles but I did catch it and was able to get it into control. Now I am unsure if anyone heard me say either statement but there is a very good chance at least one person heard it, yes..heard the 330 pound big ol bearded guy that was going wild on the arc-trainer and now laughing almost uncontrollably say loud and proud "do your thang honey!" and later on my drive home I started laughing about the whole thing, in fact I am smiling hard as I type this, Have I mentioned that I enjoy going to the gym? I am unsure if I can go back now without ridicule but hey!

Over all I am doing pretty good this week and am hoping to continue that momentum and turn it into negative numbers again very soon, my surgery knocked me off track slightly because of not being able to work out and being limited with some other things but I am healing up nicely and almost back in full swing again. With that I do believe the end has come to another mind blowing episode of as the fat guy turns, we laugh, we cry and sometimes we have no idea whats going on but it is what it is and I thank you for following along.

Never EVER forget to do your thang honey!

As Ever


  1. That is funny because when anyone tells me they're going to do something i sing "just do your thang honey" :=) I love that song!!

  2. Dude, that is a tremendous story.

    I saw her do that song at the NBA allstar game a couple years ago and I've been a fan of it since too.

    Again, classic story. Had me actually laughing out loud.

    Keep up the great work

  3. Love this ;)

    I might just decide to join the gym because you almost make it sound FUN!!!


  4. Very few things I read make me really laugh out loud, but that one sure did it. :)

    <3 A lurker who is slowly making her way through your blog.