Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You wear disgust like a crown.

Keep on keepin on, that's what He says right? this Zeusmeatball fella, This is the plan for me, I am on a roll and keeping to that has got to be how it goes down. Talking about myself in the third person now? sort of, a while back I wrote a post as Anthony and of course that is my name and the post was by me (though I think a lot of people missed that part of the post) anyways back to my point. When I started writing this blog I was a 534 pound guy that was unsure about how this run at a lighter version of himself was going to pan out and I took on the persona of this God of the meatball namely Zeusmeatball partially because I thought it was a cool name but also because I wanted to remain relatively anonymous. My blog has evolved a bit since that first day of sheepishly writing down my thoughts for the first time and I now put it all out there as long as its weight loss or health related for anyone that cares to click the link which leads to my little nook on the net and I do it as Tony, or simply sign off with "Me" after each post. I am not even close to the same person as when I started down this road to better health and am finding that hiding behind an alias isn't something that I need to do any more but I like the Zeusmeatball persona so he...er, it stays but know that I am not in the same state of mind as that 534 pound version of myself.

State of mind? where have I heard that before? oh! that's right! its sort of my tag line and is right on the header of the blog and has been there from day one. People have emailed me, left comments for me and have messaged me on my facebook page asking me "how do you do it? how do you stick to losing weight?" or "can you explain to me how to lose weight?" and I mostly just link them to my day 1 post and say start here to see what I did. I don't have no singular answer as to how I did it, in the most basic way I ate less and moved more. I believe that the most important part of any weight loss regimen is getting into a state of mind that will allow us to keep focused on the task at hand no matter what gets in the way. I could tell you stories of woe and sorrow, stress and dismay that has happened over the last few years but this blog is about my weight loss and the efforts because of that, not about my personal struggles outside of weight loss, besides I am sure you have your own battles. In lieu of any of the madness that goes on around any of us we have to keep our minds right, forcing ourselves into a state of mind which dictates that health is one of if not the most important goals each day is key.

Knowing that we are able to do whatever we put our minds to is very important, this isn't something that I was unaware of at 534 pounds but it is harder to push when simply walking to the bathroom to take a piss is a chore. I mentioned in earlier posts that my father once talked about how small fish will routinely attack fish that are much bigger than themselves in an attempt to eat them or defend etc and how they have no idea of their relative size to the bigger fish because they can't see themselves so in essence they think that they are the dominant fish in this clash therefore they are. This state of mind that I talk about is like that in the way that you are what you believe yourself to be, a lazy no good fat ass on the couch with nothing better to do than eat a half gallon of Ben and Jerry's complaining about how bad you have it? well guess how that one ends? Get into a state of mind where you know that nothing can get in your way where your health and fitness is involved, eat properly (yes I said properly) get some movement into your days and focus on that instead of any of the negative and the same can be said about the results. Expecting thin and healthy to just happen, perhaps it will just fall into our laps while we devour a double bacon bacon and pepperoni pie with extra cheese while watching The biggest loser? is stupid, take a look in that mirror and ask which life you would prefer. I can honestly say that I haven't worn a crown in quite some time now and the fact that I am healthier than I have ever been shows where my head is in this game.

If you could see the you that I see when I see you seeing me, you'd see yourself so differently, Believe Me...

As Ever