Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1098.. Thats alotta days!

Here here! another year has come to pass and I find myself still chugging along with the choice to live cleaner and healthier at the fore front of my way of life. My blog has always been written from the perspective of a 500 plus pound guy that needed to lose weight to stay alive, to be able to do things that the mere mortals of the world take for granted each and every day and over the course of the last three years I have changed everything about my life. Coming to the realization that I am not 500 pounds any more has been harder than I expected but I think that I am coming around to the fact that I don't get out of breath from the most remedial tasks and that feeling has become the "norm" finally. Losing more than 200 pounds and keeping it off for the last couple years is an amazing feat of determination in my opinion but pushing through a comfort zone has to be a priority for me and the plan is as you know if you have read along is to hit my goal of 275 this year hopefully before April.

My new acquisition, early 1990's Schwinn Crisscross as i picked it up.

Other than a FD shifter that needs some love this bike is in amazing condition, of course the fella could have bypassed wiping it down with WD40 before I got there but hey! I need to go through it anyways so it will get a bath either way.

Helping me achieve that goal is my bicycling hobby, I call it a hobby at this point because I currently own seven bikes ranging from mountain bikes mainly to hybrids and even a road bike. When I bought that first bicycle back in June 2009 I never anticipated it becoming the beginning of a new addiction hobby. Accruing enough bicycles to ride a different one each day of the week wasn't a thought and I am sure my wife had no idea that our house would be full of bike parts and whole bikes when she got me that K2 back in June. Come spring I shall thin my herd significantly utilizing the list of Craigs to move a few to new homes and hopefully make some happy riders for this years riding season. Having a hobby that keeps me moving and allows me to get out there and really enjoy my workouts is nothing but a positive and anyone that knows me knows that I like making things my own so getting a bike on the cheap and refurbishing it is fun for me. This weekend I happened upon a bicycle on Craigslist that I thought the price was decent enough so I emailed the lady and it turns out that the frame was my size and it is sort of a hybrid/cross bike so long story short it was added to the fleet.

I am noticing that I have more posts mentioning bicycles popping up so I may work on a "bicycling" section for those posts to be search-able as I have got a couple hits/emails on the blog because of the bike stuff I have posted. My workouts have completely changed from when I started which through evolution is normal I suppose, where I was only able to walk for 20 minutes and about 1/3 of a mile at a go now walking a distance of 5k is just something that I do because its nice out on that day! My first ride on my mountain bike was about a mile and I had to pull over to ponder whether I should name my bike "Prison sex" because of the apparent violation that took place during said ride and here I am expanding my rides out to about 20 miles these days. I am no where near the same person physically as I was when I first sat down behind my lap top and wrote out my first blog post a defeated 534 pound man who couldn't think of anything else so common sense had to be the plan. With all of that said its time to get back to basics with ye olde blog and I am going to start posting my menu's and workouts more often again as I did in the beginning, I liked having my entire week out there for me to look back on as well as any of you fine people who care to take a peek.

So much has changed for me since making the decision to drop the weight from my bones, coming from a place where walking up a flight of stairs was a chore to where I am now going to the gym 5-6 times per week and riding my bikes 15 to 20 miles per day in the warmer months. Looking into that mirror that leads back to my former 500 pound self from time to time forces me to never forget why I gotsta keep on keepin on until I get where I set out to go and though I don't think that I will ever forget that fella I do know that I never want to wear his shoes again.

The end has come to this episode of as the fat guy turns...

As Ever

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  1. I'm SUCH a big fan. Have been reading for years but never commented. You have accomplished more in 3 years than most people do in a lifetime. Absolutely heroic effort. And a big thank you for sharing your journey - you are really inspiring so many people!