Friday, January 7, 2011

Menu's, workouts, and an immovable stone in your world of the weak...

Thursday went as smooth as a day could go as far as eating properly and exercise goes, Stayed within my calorie range and made it to the gym, it was a fine day all around. The gym is still more crowded than usual I assume due to all of the new year resolution people, the treadmills are thinning out a bit so finding one to walk on after my workout is no issue. Yesterdays workout was 30 minutes on the bike and 25 on a treadmill, the bike ended up at just over 11 miles at 91 RPM's and I am happy with that, treadmill was 25 minutes 3.4MPH 5% incline. My intake was spot on coming in at 1720 calories for the day, I more than had enough veggies while fluid consumption was on par coming in at just over 2 gallons between the green tea and H2O.

Wednesdays bike ride averaged 92 RPM and just over eleven and a quarter virtual miles, Avg Watts? MET's? no clue what that means besides something about how hard the rider is working, perhaps I should google it!

Thursdays bike ride at the gym netted me 91 average RPM's and just over 11 virtual miles.

I have been keeping a meticulous recording of my intake on my excel sheet lately and thought that I would post up yesterdays menu for anyone who cares to check it out.

01/06/11 Menu

7:30 AM
2 cups corn pops 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:00 AM
Dark chocolate almond Zone bar 190

1:45 PM
Mixed veggies 140
2 T light sour cream 40
1/2 T Smart balance 25
8oz baked potato 200

3:15 PM
1 Banana 105
1.25 T peanut butter 120

6:00 PM
5oz ground turkey 200
2 80 cal rolls 160
Steamed brussel sprouts 150

6:45 PM
1/2 pear 40

Grand total 1720 calories, and I am happy with what went in, lots of fruits and veggies followed by more than enough fluids. I have tunnel vision with reaching my goals, getting to that 275 pound mark is more important to me than almost anything right now for a very personal reason that will be shared soon enough. Easin' on down this yellow brick road currently with one thing on my mind, beating the rest of the fat on my bones into submission and being as healthy as I can be is my mission, I won't fail.

We all have decisions to make on a daily basis, most of the decisions we make are not crucial but then there are those that define us. Making the decision to get healthier back in 2008 is defining me, it is showing myself how disciplined that I can be as long as I put my mind into it and rush the gate with everything that I have in me. I will get to my goal this year, hopefully I will get most of the way there if not all of the way before April gets here but if not the pushing will get that much harder. We all have choices to make on a daily, we can choose to float along with the flow and what happens happens or we can decide that we will control every turn that we make and force our way through the tougher situations and create our own destiny.

I choose to force my way through and get exactly what I want out of life.

As Ever


  1. Thanks Andrew, I always wonder how my summary stacks up and whether its considered "moderate" or "vigorous", honestly I can probably go a little harder without too much effort but this pace seems to work well for me.

    As Ever

  2. Hey, been reading for a while just never commented. Thought I'd help you out with your question as I was curious myself a few months back. A MET is a metabolic equivalent, which basically means how much energy you are using during exercise. It's a complicated equation that I don't pretend to understand, but basically it ranges from 1, your resting metabolic rate when you are doing nothing, to 18 which is equivalent to running a 5 minute mile. So, 11 METs is pretty good. As far as watts goes, its another measure of your energy output; 200 is definitely considered vigorous. These are basically meant to use as standard measures since calories burned can vary widely due to body weight. Haha, hope this saves you some googling.

    Also, I was curious about something else. I'm looking to get into mountain biking myself, but I'm still in the high 300's, what weight did you start riding bikes at? Did you need to get special rims or anything? Just curious, because I want to start riding this spring, but am afraid I am still too big.

    - BigSean

  3. BigSean, thanks for the MET's and Watts info, and going back through my archives I found that I was 333 pounds when I got my bike back in 2009. I have been as low as 305 and as high as 345 since then and my bike has seemed to hold up pretty good. I didn't get anything special just a K2 Zed 3.2 mountain bike which had a very beefy looking frame which is what drew me to it, come to find out it does in fact have double walled wheels on it and enough spokes to carry me. I have ridden as many as 20 miles at a time on rail trails and nothing is shaking apart on the bike as of yet (there were a couple small problems but nothing because of my weight really...sort of) I would say talking to someone at your local bike shop would be best, that's what I did and when I learned what I needed to I chose a bike. hope that helps.

    As Ever

  4. It's unbelievable work, zeusmeatball. The most important thing is not treadmill or bike, it the determination to achieve the goal. Really good job.