Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lots of snow, lots of exercise, tis a good day for a fat guy.

This morning I was woke up with the BOOMS! of Thunder show! it was actually pretty cool but I knew what my day had in store for me. I attempted to open my back door and take a look at the damage from last nights snow storm and couldn't open the door because there was more than a foot of snow blocking it. Forcing my way out I could see that mother nature owned our asses here in Connecticut and for whatever reason I smiled, I really don't mind the snow and the weather guy said that there is 26 inches of fallen snow in my town and I have a drift in my yard that is higher than my waist so I believe what he says! I figured I would get right at it even though it was and is still snowing (should stop around 2PM) with shovel in hand out I went to attempt to dent the blanket of frosty snow from my walkways and driveway.

This is what I woke up to, see the little black spot on the one car? that's the mirror!

More than 2 hours later the driveway is pretty clear but its suppose to keep snowing until 2:00 PM so I will undoubtedly be back out there this afternoon, take a look at where the snow goes up to on the wheel of the Cherokee!

I sit here typing out my post today and wonder just how many calories that snow clearing for almost two and a half burns! I suppose that I am ok with the fact that I am going to have to skip the gym today. Wify is home today, the animals are home too, we wanted to try and go sledding sometime today but I have a feeling its going to be movies and hot cocoa all around instead and I am fine with that. I think back to my heavier days and how I loathed snow because it was of course my job to clear it and every single time I wondered if I was going to be the heart attack for the day that always seems to make the news during snow storms. I at 8:30 am hopped into some warm clothes and spent 2.5 hours clearing more than 2 feet of snow from my driveway and when I was done walked around playing in the deeper drifts just for kicks, this new life is so much better than the 500 pound version that I had been living.

Just a compare shot of the height of the fence.

Same fence with some pretty deep snow around it.

There are things in my life now that a lot of people take for granted and I can compare the situations from a 500 pound point of view and then a 300 pound view. I have to say that at 500 pounds I was much more limited than I am now than I would have ever admitted back then. I have said this in the past and I like to reiterate from time to time not starting is the worse thing that a person trying to lose weight can do because once the ball starts rolling it gets easier, every journey starts with a single step but if that step is not taken then stationary is where you will stay. Taking control of our lives is the way we will take them back, something as simple as shoveling a driveway can snap some memories into my head and get me thinking about not so long ago and the way things were and its not something that I am willing to allow back into my life. Changing the way that I look at food and exercise is why I have had success with weight loss and I honestly believe that anyone that wants to put in the time and discipline can have it too.

A huge storm hath cometh giving me a day to reflect upon some of the situations that I had to deal with in my not so distant past, I got some alternative exercise into my day and get to spend a little time with the love of my life, that in my opinion is a good day. I have a couple of kids begging for cocoa right now so the end has come to today's episode of As the fat guy turns, Keep on keepin on and all that and all of you New England folks stay warm! especially my fellow Connecticut people.

That's all I got for today.

As Ever


  1. Yup! that's pretty much what we look like here in New Hampshire right now too...with almost 18 inches and more to yet to come.

    Have a great day! I love a day snowed in with my hubby and the kids. :)

  2. That is seriously a lot of snow! we got 4.5 inches here (in NC) and you'd think it was the armaggedon the way the news folks go on and on. I'm so glad to hear you can tackle the snow clearing without fear of heart atacks. It sounds minor, but I think it's a HUGE deal. YAY FOR YOU!!