Friday, December 10, 2010

What have you done for YOU lately..

Though I am not weighing in for the blog until December 31st "last weigh in of the year" if you will, doesn't mean that I am going to stay off of the scale for my personal motivation until then. This morning I am very happy with the weeks work, if this pace keeps up I will make some goals much earlier than I project and honestly that's fine by me. Getting back to what works for me was an easy switch from the goin' easy on my self skating along not gaining but not losing stance that I had taken for a few months.

I'm not really interested in hearing anything negative that anyone has to say currently, I mean if I have to hear it that's fine but its but a glancing blow as I have one thing on my mind right now, to lose as much weight as I can before April 1st. When I began this blog I made an image of a train on a track heading towards a man and it has been the header of my blog since then. The image represented me taking on something that seemed an impossible task like the fella who was going to stop the train. I am right now more like the train in that image because unstoppable is the flavor of the day and like in the beginning I am very focused with the task at hand, I need to get down to my goal weight and push through Mr. 97%.

At the gym I have had a bit of tunnel vision lately, walk in, find my machine, ride it until I am done and leave. Nothing matters to me when I am working out besides making it through the workout, sure I people watch while I am there but I am finding that I am collecting different movements that I see others doing and am adding them to a workout list that I am creating. I have basically made my life into one of Count every calorie, workout every day, drink enough and get 8 hours sleep per night and everything else is going to have to be back burnered for a short time because without my health what do I have?

Short and random was today's post but it is what it is because I am looking to get a good hard workout in today and will need to spend a little more time at the gym than usual so need to get my "around the house" stuff done earlier than normal.

What will you do this weekend to nurture a healthier lifestyle?

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  1. What will I do this weekend to nurture a healthier lifestyle? I will probably cook, maybe throw some low-fat ground beef in the crockpot, with some onion and garlic, then add some tomatoes from my indoor tomatoes plants. Plus we're going to see a special "for autistic children only" showing of the Narnia movie on Saturday. AND I plan to drink lots of water. Vee at

  2. I have started running recently and it is paying off in terms of increased distance and speed. My goal for this weekend is to do another 5 mile run in less than an hour (last week's time).

  3. I'm recovering from surgery, but this weekend I'll be focused on drinking lots of water, and eating right.

  4. eat better, drink lots of water, chill out about stuff I can't change, and do something about the stuff I can...

  5. I plan on meeting with the new trainer tomorrow and get my weekly cooking in. For my mental health I plan on doing some Christmas decorating. Here's to a great weekend for everyone.

  6. Wow, Dude, you are awesome getting your heath on the right track.

    Not unreasonable to take a break from the steady loss regimen you had going, but glad your glad to be back on it!

    Keep up the good habits and feel great!