Thursday, November 20, 2008

You owe it to yourself..

This week flew by, and I mean flew! its Thursday already and I feel like the week has just started yet tomorrow is a weigh in day. I feel good about this weeks number, I have a feeling it will be a decent number again, I have been diligent with my eating for the past 6 days besides a lunch at Friendly's mid week but even on that day I ate within my 1700 calorie allotment once again proving that a fella can have a "bad" meal now and again and still stay within limits. Over all I feel good about the week and I have snuck some push ups in pretty much every day. I ate a total of 1570 calories on Wednesday and ended up going for a walk all by my onesome around 7:30 pm, let me tell ya its cold in New england already! it was about 25 degrees and windy but I decided that I was going to go anyways. My usual route for my evening walk is 1.7 miles and I walk that in just about 30 minutes exactly but my times have been getting less and less every time I walk that route, the first time I walked, it took 32 minutes and its slowly been getting faster with last nights walk lasting 27 minutes for the same 1.7 miles. I don't know if it was the fact that I had ice in my nose and these Saucony running shoes are made of mesh that made me hustle, or if it was just me staying aware of my pace and trying to go faster but I am happy about the pace going up, thats 5 whole minutes I shaved off of my evening walk since starting a couple weeks ago. I did mark out a 2 mile route which was just a few blocks added to the route that I already walk but honestly it was just too cold to add last night.

have a look at yesterdays menu.


7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

9:00 AM
1 pear 85

11:00 AM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
3oz roast chicken breast 150
1 T miracle whip 35

1:00 PM
1 cup Organic chocolate soy milk 120

4:45 PM
1 large apple 110

6:15 PM
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
4oz roast chicken breast 200
1.5 T miracle whip 55
sliced pickle 10
4 small peppercinis 5
1 small chicken strip 100

8:30 PM
1 cup home made soup 150

That cup of soup was very good after my walk and helped warm me back up, it was home made chicken chili soup that I had cooking on the stove pretty much all day so it was nice and fresh. Dinner was a quick chicken salad I made with peppercinis and pickles which was a good combination of flavors all together with the sweetness of the miracle whip and I believe I will make that again very soon. I also like these challenges I have been doing on this blog for myself and last week I found out just how evil some of the people that read this blog can be and I ended up doing 150 push ups for the comments received, my chest thanks you all! since I like evil people and I enjoy the pain of exercise even more I think I will extend another challenge to myself this week. Since I have been doing push ups all week and my chest has as I type this some soreness I would have to be a mad man to try the 10 push ups per comment this week so instead I will for every comment that I get do 3 minutes on my stationary bike, now that may not seem like a lot but if it was the plan last week it would have added up to 45 minutes so I think its a good number to choose. So for every comment that I get on my weigh in post tomorrow by midnight stating that the responder drank a glass of water, I will do 3 minutes on my stationary bike on Saturday, lets see how cynical you all can be this week! make me make my legs burn! Wify thinks I am crazy but likes these challenges she says "They make you do it" maybe I can talk her into doing the bike challenge with me this week. There you have it, another successful day in the life of someone who learned how not to be 534 pounds, Tune in tomorrow for another mind chilling episode and find out how long of a ride I will be taking.

Thanks for reading along and don't forget that glass of water you owe yourself for reading this far into the post, see, you have no excuse now because I reminded you! blame yourself if you don't get that tall glass of hydration.

As Ever


  1. Good luck with weigh-in tomorrow. I sure hope you like peddling and you have good knees lol. I tried the exercise bike at the gym on Tuesday and only did 20 mins and that was enough for me lol. I think I would have stuck with the push-ups lol.

  2. I'm working on this tall glass of hydration right this minute! Thanks for the reminder.

    Hmm...3 minutes per comment, huh? Well, because I'm confident that you will get a lot of comments, I think I'll join you on that challenge - - except I'm gonna have to say 2 minutes per comment that you get tomorrow for me! LOL! :)

    I like the idea of this whole challenge thing. :D

    I was seriously considering using the cooked chicken carcass I cooked yesterday to make some chicken chili...but ended up making chicken soup with noodles and veggies instead. That would have been strange if we'd made the same dinner last evening! Haha!