Saturday, November 1, 2008

Push ups and candy oh my!

I just wanted to plop a quick post down to let all who responded to yesterdays post adding to the push up tally for today that I did in fact do the 70 push ups for the 7 comments where people drank their water. I did 2 sets of 20 and 2 sets of 15 with about a minute rest between sets this afternoon and then we were off to my Mother in laws house for dinner, we had Salmon, butternut squash, seasoned baby red potatoes and steamed broccoli with a Halloween cake for desert, it was a good solid meal that I only went slightly over calories on because of a pumpkin beer and the cake. We walked for more than 2 hours last night trick or treating and the kids had a blast, we had a Mad scientist and an Ice princess that ended up with more than 7 pounds of candy combined! I weighed it on my salters scale, not a bad haul for a family that includes two people on a low calorie intake plan, one child with diabetes and the other is just three, we will be donating the candy at my wifes job where they do a collection each year.

We just got in and like I said I thought I would pop up a quick post letting anyone that cares enough to read that I made good on my push up challenge. I did et too many candies and I will admit that up front but hey its once per year and I am after all only human right? tomorrow (Sunday) I am back on track 100% and no more candy unless it goes onto my Excel sheet and even then I am planning on limiting what I eat, that concludes tonights update.

Thanks for following.

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  1. Well done for keeping to your word and doing all those push-ups!

    One thing that I have really learnt through my Weight loss efforts, present and past is that the trick is to just let one time go (One day, one binge, one cookie) and start over. with no guilt. It's the real key to success and is so simple.

  2. Good job man :) I'm pretty sure I'd have a beast of a time doing 70 push ups. And 8 pounds is a lot of candy! That would be tough to resist.

  3. Way to go on all those pushups. I still can't do a real one yet. How are you with sit-ups? Now I might be able to beat you with those lol.

    Wow, on all that candy. I didn't weigh what my kids brought in but it sure wasn't that much.

    Janey, I totally agree with what you said. One off meal or even a week off plan sure isn't going to bring back all the weight Tony has lost. It's just about not feeling guilty over it and moving on to the next meal, etc.

    Keep up the great work Tony. You are doing so wonderful.

  4. Just wanted to tell everyone I witnessed 70 push ups...and I'm starting to feel guilty for not exercising at all. Can't wait to get this candy out of the house, our kids are going just as crazy to eat it all.

  5. Maybe Halloween is an evil holiday after all! The candy my kids got is still lurking around here, calling my name at least twice a day. Ugh.

    Glad to hear about those push-ups! Wish I had gotten on here in time with a comment, to add 10 more!

    Next time I'll do better. :)