Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You are just a machine..

Winter is here in New England! This morning it was single digit weather with the wind chill and here I was planning on taking a walk today! I guess that won't be happening now, especially with these Saucony running shoes that I have, they are really just a mesh on top of a mesh which makes for a very light weight breathable running shoe perfect for good weather but the air blows right through them and I just know that I would be on blocks of ice by the end of a walk today o we shall forget about that right now. I have felt good all week about my weight and it seems to have a downward trend this week a I am down from Friday and its only Wednesday so I am feeling awesome about the week so far. I am very optimistic about this weeks weigh in and I do believe that I will be happy with what I see on the scale, now don't go reading too far into that and guess that I am having a great week because its average at best so far but I have come to appreciate any loss as a good thing. when I started down this road and was dropping six seven even eight pounds per week I would feel let down when I had a 3 pound week, that insane! a 3 pound drop in a week is awesome work especially considering that I have no trainer besides my buddy Will and his girlfriend Desire and the fact that I am doing this 100% on my own meaning I don't have someone making meal plans for me and or portioning my intake or guiding me in any way. This is all being done on pure hard work and I am reaping the benefits from all of the time and effort that I put into reading EVERYTHING that I can get my hands on concerning weight loss and applying what seems like it would work and trying things out for myself and constantly tweaking the program as I learn more, though I do admit that at this point I am almost on auto pilot and have created quite a groove for myself to ride down and the tweaking ha been minimal for a while now.

When its all broken down we are just a machine but instead of gears, wiring, oil, nuts and bolts we are made up flesh, bone, nerves and blood, simple right? well it is. if you take care of a machine it will last for years and usually will outlive you or me! lets use a car as an example, regularly change the oil, get it tuned up when the time comes, keep the tires inflated to proper pressures, change the air filter, keep it lubricated properly change all or the fluids accordingly and a car will last forever and run smoothly, but if you don't do all of those things the life of that engine, the bearings on the car and all other related parts will fail catastrophically in a very short amount of time and our bodies are the same way, Take care of it and it will serve you well and give you a long happy life and if you don't well, you know the rest. I like I have said in the past on this blog just wish I would have made the decision to get and stay healthy years ago.

A few things not on the same subject, yesterday we stopped at a Friendly's restaurant for lunch at my daughters request and we ALWAYS request a table so that I don't have to squeeze into a booth, So as we sat at the table waiting for our lunch to come out I looked to my right at the booth and decided to hop on over for a, we shall call it a "test fit" and well a bit to my surprise I slid right in and told Wify that it appeared that we wouldn't have to request a table all of the time anymore, like a glove I tell ya! Later in the day we were home and I was thinking about how I have a very nice leather coat that was bought the same year that I met Wify so about 9 years ago and it hasn't fit for a good 6 years now and since its getting cold outside I tried it on and bamn! like a glove! or should I say like a jacket. It was actually a bit too big on me! which is good because I like to wear a hoodie or a fleece under it so it looks as if I have room for that now, the odd part about the coat is that I tried it on about 3 months ago and it fit but not comfortably and if I were to zip it then it was snug, now I can over lap the front by about 6 inches. I want to guess that I tried it on last in the beginning of Sept which means that I am only about 25 pounds lighter now than then and the difference in how it fits is much more than a 25 pound loss, I can only come to the conclusion that the skin is tightening up to the point where its making a difference in my size, and for that I am excited.

A bit random today but as always its just me rambling on so I hope you enjoyed. Also if you made it this far into the post you ought to get on up and go grab yourself a glass of water because if you don't you are only hurting yourself.

As Ever


  1. Free shopping in your own closet is the best! Congrats on the leather coat (and the booth)!

  2. Yay that your old jacket fits again! And, yay to booths! I wish I were on autopilot like you. I'm trying to get there, though. I will never stop trying to get to that point. :)
    Can't wait for this Friday! A 3 pound loss IS a big deal! You got spoiled with those giant losses at the beginning, didn't ya?! You are definitely right: Any loss is a good thing. As the matter of fact, for me, it's anything except gaining is a good thing! Haha!!