Thursday, November 13, 2008

As the fat guy turns...and thigh meat!

Thursday is here and that means I will be recording my weight for the week tomorrow morning, I am hoping for a three pound loss for no other reason than I have a picture I want to post up and it only get posted when I get to that number. I think the past few days of being strict has done me some good, I actually feel better than I have in a week or so and I honestly think its all of the tea that I am drinking again, diet soda just doesn't have the same effect on a fella. My intake yesterday though good was slightly higher than it should have been coming in at 1740 total calories which is not really all that bad but it is still above the range that I set for myself so I thought I would mention it. I have nothing extraordinary really to post today other than I am feeling back to normal where being strict yet reasonable with my intake goes, actually strike that I did see something that I cannot ever remember seeing in my life last night and that would be my belly and hip being at the same height while laying on my side. I was laying in bed on my side and couldn't help but notice that my hip bone was there, while this is nothing that seems out of this world it is in fact not something I am use to having so close to the surface so I laid directly on my side and my love handle was only slightly higher than my thigh meat! and I really do mean slightly. So that was kind of cool to see because it wasn't something I went looking for, it kind of just happened, ok enough about my hips and thigh meat.

As I walked down my hallway upstairs I was glancing at a series of photos we have hung along the hallway which is a bunch of cool sunsets that I have taken over the years, and in the middle of them is a picture from when we drove to CA about 9 years ago of Wify and myself standing on a bridge in Colorado with the sunsetting behind us, which is right around the time we met and something I noticed is that I am smaller now than in that pic. I asked Wify if she thought I was smaller now than in the pic to see if it was something that I was just hoping for or if it was in fact true and she concurred that I was indeed smaller now. As I mentioned in yesterdays post I want to get down to 300 pounds by the end of June, actually I want to get to 303 pounds by then and you might be wondering why 303 pounds, well thats what I weighed in High school so I figured its a good number to shoot for. Now I know that I weighed more than that by the end of high school but the weight was 303lbs from Gym class and I remember the number because its what Shaquille O'neal weighed back then and I would always say "if I was stretched out to his height I would be ok" so there you have it.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am hoping to be able to report back that a big loss has come but we won't know until tomorrow, and I didn't even weigh myself this morning so I don't know if I am close or up from the last 2 days so I will be surprised in the morning myself. Tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel to find out if more fat has been evacuated on the next bone chilling episode of as the fat guy turns. Thanks for reading along , which reminds me, You need to go get a glass of water now that You have reached the end of the post and as a primer for tomorrows weigh in I will again do 10 push ups for every comment that the weigh in post gets. Last week it was 70 what will this week bring my poor chest?

As Ever


  1. Ok, well I have to get in here so you will do 10 pushups on your wife's behalf!

    Love ya babe.


  2. Well, here you go - you don't me, but I know the wify. Congrats to you so far! I'm drinking my water now.

  3. Wow - I really admire you. I'm drinking a pint now :-). Then I'll take my dog for a walk. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Yay for your positive spirit! Rock on. Way to get back on track.. Is it something when you notice those small changes and you think am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
    Good for you. Thanks for the water!
    Happy Push-up ing... :) Looking forward to tomorrow's post.