Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going oldschool, back to basics and a menu posting.

When I started writing this blog I was a guy that had no other options, I mean I had options, I could have gotten a surgery or let things go the way that they were heading and prepare for the imminent grenading of my heart but I had to do something. I started writing here in an attempt to stay focused and put out there the struggles of a guy that was really having a hard time of getting around and anything that required movement honestly, not to mention the fact that I was watching life go by from the un-comfort of my broken couch. A lot has changed since I started writing back in January 2008, physical and mental changes, I have gone from unstoppable to questioning the way that I was/am doing things where my health is concerned. The honest truth is that I am up in weight from my lowest point of weighing 305 pounds and will be doing a weigh in post in exactly 72 days, Jan 1st 2012, good bad ugly a weigh in is going to be up, "But why not weigh in now? you use to weigh in every Friday" I did, this time around I have made a personal challenge to myself and am weighing myself every day until then and am planning to post those weights on that weigh in post when the time comes.

Making a personal challenge for myself I think is going to be the ticket for me, there is a new kiddo keeping me on my toes and the older ones are doing the same in their own kind of way. I have to make some time for that 534 pound guy that was struggling with every step, I need to force him and the way things were back then to the surface so that I can refocus on what is important, I somehow keep falling back on the back burnering myself and I need to stop. I have been up and down with my weight in the past I don't even know how many months, within 10 pounds of my lowest weight and as high as 70 pounds heavier and everywhere in between, my personal life has been the same kind of a roller coaster in that time and has impacted my weight loss/health goals for sure, again, its gotta stop because without my health the rest won't really matter much.

7:15 AM
2 T creamer (coffee) 70

8:45 AM
2 C Honey combs 220
1/2 C almond breeze 45

11:45 AM
2 slices light rye 120
3oz smoked deli ham 180
1 wedge Laughing cow cheese 35

1:00 PM
1 banana 105

2:15 PM
1 apple 100

4:00 PM
1 banana 105

6:15 PM
5oz ground turkey (slop joe) 225
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 cup white rice 200

7:00 PM
2 plums 60

Through the day
dr pepper 10 60

Grand total 1685 total calories.

Exercise is not my issue, bad eating choices most certainly are. The definition of an emotional eater can be seen every time I come within viewing distance of a mirror, stress is my enemy when this is the subject and I need to sort that out. In the beginning I was 500 plus pounds and nothing in our lives could trump that, I was going to die if I didn't do something about it so it was easy to say "I have to be first" but when the perceived risk is lower other things get pushed to the front of the line. Someone reading this that has never struggled with weight might be thinking about how silly it sounds, and I have said it hundreds of times "eat less move more its that simple" Yes I agree that it is that simple but something that it is NOT is easy.

Recommitting to my health has to happen in order for me to be successful in this endeavor, I feel as if I have done that in the last couple of weeks and I couldn't be more into getting out on my bike so exercise is not an issue right now, like I said its the apparent bond that food has with my brain when stress enters stage left that screws the pooch. Making time to write a post on this blog as often as I can (you know, nap time) is on the menu and speaking of menu's I am planning on posting my daily menu's like I did in the beginning as often as I can again, not only do they help me take a look at my intake through the blog but I got plenty of messages about them from you guys!

For today, That's all I got..

As Ever


  1. Dude.. congratulations! Hit your link from BF and saw your success story. Well done and mucho kudos.

    Btw...I love ham to but you know it's really the worst of the lunch meats right? Haven't read through the blog so this might be unwarranted but stay away from the oversalted and possible nitrate-laden ones...

  2. Hey..and I noticed your still eating white rice! I'm sure you know better... Get used to brown. It actually tastes better once you lose the refined carb addiction :)

    I'm at 200 trying to lose 40 and getting there...

  3. Sorry for the multiple posts but you can combine if possible. I just wanted to mention this guy's interesting story, I was especially interested in how he said he was surprised how certain foods really became addictive, and how he couldn't believe the cravings that he developed in this 'experiment'. Was enlightening to me.

  4. Hey man we started SP at the same time and I am up and down with my stuff also. Ran a marathon 2 years ago and now am struggling to run for 25 minutes. Sometimes we let these things go but what matters is we still have the desire to fix them

  5. I also feel like I have mastered the exercise part of this, I mean I can run 5 miles and I run several times a week and go to the gym. Sometimes I am not so great about not eating things though. I will barely go over my calories and I can gain weight so easily! It is maddening! I have worked out so hard this week and normally I weigh myself on Fridays. I thought I'd take a peek this morning and I am up 1 pound from last week's weight. I don't understand it. I went over my calories twice this week, but only by like 100 calories, so how does 200 extra calories equal a one pound gain when I have been working out too? It makes me crazy sometimes, but I will just keep going, of course. It doesn't help that my kids always want a snack or a drink, so I have to keep opening the fridge and see the cookie dough my husband bought, who of course can eat the whole damn thing and not gain an ounce.