Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have in 1037 days transformed my entire body into what it is today, what exactly that is I am unsure of but I know that its much healthier than it was at 534 pounds. This weekend a couple things happened, Halloween came and went but not without me dipping into the pumpkin for a couple few pieces of chocolate and I got some seat time at the tattoo shop on Saturday which was cool as its been a while since my last ink. Friday I hurt my neck yes yes I am ok so don't start crying, and that kept me away from the gym until this afternoon, so a whole four days of no work outs had me bouncing off the walls and pretty uncomfortable between that and having to watch where I placed parts of my body because of the new tattoos.

Working as hard as possible to get as close to or surpass the goals that I have set in front of me is all that I can do in order to make the deadline, This is what I will do in order to realize all of my health goals. Sometimes there will be obstacles, sometimes it will be as smooth as silk and then there will be the times that an injury or something else stops the bustin' ass cold in its tracks but keeping all of the underlying framework that has been built in check will keep me rollin' in the right direction indefinitely.

Anyone can do this, each and every person out there that has a weight problem can grab control and drop all of the extra padding that is holding them back from doing what they want to do in life and I believe that statement to the very core of me. If I were to somehow gain 200 pounds back onto my bones I would have to say that I would be completely at fault because even if I was immobilized I control what goes down the hatch, taking responsibility for ourselves is pinnacle in making a lasting change in how we live. Learning that I have control, that You have control of your intake and whether an attempt is made at some real exercise is a step that needs to be taken in order for this to work, without it I am unsure that success can be had in a world where weight loss and better health is the goal.

I weighed 534 pounds at one point in my life and I will never go back to that life, ever...

DXXXIV...Never again...

As Ever

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  1. Thank you for those words. It's always a good reminder to know that we have control over our lives.. Even when it seems that we don't.

    Thank you.