Friday, December 12, 2008

The verdict is in, weigh in time once again.

This is likely the last post that I will make from this location, tomorrow is the big day and we are moving! I don't expect to post tomorrow but who knows, I don't know when I will have my internet set up at the new place but I can probably use my Mother in laws service to make a post if it will be a long period before I get it set up. Let me get right to the weigh in this morning, yesterday I said that I expected to get to 369 for this mornings weigh in and would have been happy with that but I have to say that I did not get 369 like I predicted. When I came downstairs I walked right past the scale not remembering that it was weigh in day and made myself a cup of green tea, sat down and raised the cup to take a drink and then remembered that I should weigh in before consuming anything. I stepped onto the scale and it flashed 367.0 across the display, so I thought ok thats wrong and moved the scale on the floor just in case it was not level, attempt number two revealed 367.4, hmmmm so onto the third time and 367.4 again so it looks like I am firmly back into the 360's again and I have surpassed what I expected to see this morning. That is four pounds less than yesterday morning man I must have been retaining a lot of fluid from all of the soreness, it seems odd to actually be holding that much fluid just because I was sore but the proof is in the pudding I guess. I am not going to do the whole "I lost this much" photos until I get back to 363 which was my pre Thanksgiving weight, instead I will just continue to report the weights as they happen, with any luck I will hit or exceed that number by this coming Friday.

Today and tomorrow I will be getting my share of movement, but tomorrow I do plan on a pizza lunch but I don't plan on over doing it so I am not worried about it. I know I know why "plan" for a pizza lunch? why not if there will be planning involved "plan" for a healthy lunch? welp because planning for a pizza lunch actually means not planning at all, its a simple phone call away where as a planned healthier meal would take a trip to the supermarket at some point because the cupboards are in fact bare at the present time because of the move as well as some prep, excuse? nope just the facts Ma'am. The following week or 2 will be a lot of busy work for me as well with getting the new place in order and making sure all of the boxes are stored where they need to be etc. Then there is Christmas right around the corner but unlike Thanksgiving I am only allowing myself to indulge for Christmas eve and day instead of the entire following week! this should be easier to accomplish as well because we are not cooking a dinner at our place for either event thus no left overs!

I am looking forward to having a room that is a dedicated exercise room or as my daughter calls it "The Yoga room" this will make getting my cardio in easy because I can head up there, close the door and not have to deal with distractions. Hopefully Wify can get into a rhythm and keep her yoga going on a regular basis as well, right now when she does her yoga she has to deal with the kids wanting to join in and our living room just does not work for her to get into it while two kids fumble around her legs asking "like this mom?" so hopefully the larger space in the new room will either allow the kids to fumble around in their own space or let her close the door behind her and now allow them in, though she is excited that my daughter wants to join her.

Thank you for following along and wish me luck because tomorrow I will need it! it is suppose to be clear and sunny but only about 30 degrees so a bit cold but at least it should be dry for the move.

As Ever


  1. Good luck, and good job. :) On a side note, I did your requested squats, and raised you three more sets. Sounds like your new place is coming along nicely too, I wish I had a dedicated exercise room, I'm jealous.

  2. that is totally crazy -- I am going to guzzle down water today just to see if I CAN do what you did with the pounds! I will let you know in the am if I have been successful at reducing anything overnight.

    that is just crazy --- damn!

  3. I'm jealous of your exercise room too. Maybe one day when the kids are all grown and gone hubby and I can have one too lol.

    Good luck with the move this weekend.

  4. nope nothing --- up all night peeing!! :) damn damn damn

  5. Holly cracks me up!

    Good job, Tony! I know how that feels...the whole moving the scale because you can hardly believe what it's saying! What a great feeling!

    Good luck with the big MOVE!

  6. I just found your blog, and as a guy just starting out (and starting out at 618 lbs) I am very inspired by your success so far and your attitude in doing so. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to following you, both by reading your blog and losing weight myself.