Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A fat squirrel told me the pizza was ok..

As I stood in my front doorway looking out through the half moon shaped window at a squirrel eating a nut in my drive way I noticed that he was twice the size as he was just a few weeks ago. Now I know that it might not have been the same one that I was looking at a week ago but all of the squirrels are fat right now, I feed them our old bread smeared with some peanut butter now and again and enjoy watching them chase each other around the yard. While I was watching him enjoy his nut it dawned on me that he was storing fat for the cold winter months for warmth as well as nourishment and I thought about how I seem to be doing the same thing right now because I am up in weight, theres my confession. I am not up in weight by a pound or even two, this morning I weighed in at 372.6 pounds which is just about but not quite ten pounds higher than my lowest recorded weight since starting this losing weight game. If not for me rationalizing the gain by comparing myself to the squirrels that I watch chase each other around my yard I think I would be upset with the gain. I know that I am retaining some fluid because I am sore all over from all of the work I have done in the last week and I am holding lubrication in for damage control, I weighed three pounds heavier yesterday morning than this morning and there is no way that I dropped three pounds in a day, hydration is key.

In the last day or so I did bring back the basic routine of eating 1700 or less calories in a day, I have also dropped the diet mountain dew that I have been drinking and am back onto pure water and or green tea exclusively again. yesterday I had a banana with peanut butter on it for breakfast and a Subway for lunch, then we brought a container of turkey soup to the new place and heated it up for dinner. I drank 2 gallons of green tea yesterday and put in a full days work painting and working in the new place, I feel good about the day. I am back to normal again, I relaxed on being strict because of how hectic its been with working on the new place and boxing the old place up, this was all coming off of Thanksgiving as well. See that ball on the ground? guess who dropped it, yep it was me and I honestly don't feel bad about it, life happens and I would not have finished the improvements on the new place had I nickel and dimed my intake all week, I know that I could have made better choices but I didn't so no need to dwell on it.

Like those squirrels I guess the cold weather came and my body felt the need to pack some away for a rainy day, or maybe it was just a fat man taking the first chance he had to grab some goodies and shove em down his pie hole. Honestly I don't think its either of those, it was the convenience of being able to order a pizza and keep on working that got me. In the last 5 days we totally refinished the interior of an entire four bedroom house and if I had spent the time that I would have needed to on buying and packing then preparing meals that would have fit within my 1700 calorie limit the honest truth is that I would not have finished what I needed to. The fact is that I am moving this coming weekend and there is barely food in the house that is not canned or bought on the day that we plan on eating it but I should be able to stay within my limits all week, I fully expect this weekend to be some of the same with the intake because it will just plain old be easier to finish moving in in a single day if I do not concern myself with stopping for a meal, its much faster for me to grab a slice or two out of an ordered pizza box and keep moving than it will be to stop everything and run out to buy something healthy or prepare it fresh all while measuring each portion like I do normally. You may say, "These sound a lot like excuses fat man" but to that I say just remember I am the guy that has lost more than 160 pounds this year on sheer determination and hard work, I make no excuses I just do what make sense at the time.

I want to thank everyone that has continually given me support and left me some great comments throughout this entire process of dropping an entire human being, I want you all to know that I do read every one and I try respond to most if not all of my emails and comments, this past week excluded with the responding back to everything because I have had next to no "Me" time, it has just been as hectic as hectic can possibly be around here. once we are all moved in and settled and my new rec/exercise room is completed and filled up with our equipment (which is not very much) I am sure that I will be back to my regular ol self.

Sincerely, Thank you all who keep me on track with your comments and support.

PS: drink some water!

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  1. The house looks great, love the green. I wouldn't worry about the food situation just do what you need to do. I think keeping up with the hydration will help.

    Cute little squirrel!

  2. zeus,

    just wanted to commend you for having such a positive attitude. the past is just has PASSED and we cannot change it. We can learn from the experience and continue on our journey.