Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It all happened so fast.

It has been almost a week since my last post, it has been hectic around here to put it mildly. between the holiday and just being busy with getting a house together I have had no time to write here. We are in the process of purchasing a home and its getting to the nitty gritty of it and we are closing this week, but since this blog is about my trip to the half and getting healthy it was never mentioned, so let us get to the past few days, this will likely be a longer than usual post so get comfy.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, We had an awesome holiday and dinner was great, it all turned out exactly as planned and I ended up having a bit of everything that was made along with a few Guinness Draught's a good time was had by all. I did not count calories at all on that day but instead I watched what I ate all day until dinner and did not count the few brews at all, I ate until I was full and then a bit more for good measure. Over all I think I did good on Thanksgiving considering that its a food holiday but the little guy on my shoulder, you know the good guy not that little red one with the horns is telling me that I could have done a little better. I am glad I just enjoyed the holiday either way and it was in my plan from day one so no worries, its the following days that I should have been better with.

Friday I thought "Ok time to get back on track!" but nope! I started out good enough and was tracking my intake. I had my usual banana with a tablespoon worth of peanut butter on it for breakfast followed by a Turkey sandwich for lunch, sounds good so far eh? then we went out to run some errands etc I grabbed a Dark chocolate and Almond Zone perfect bar for the road, we ended up buying some paint for the new place and were out for longer than we wanted to be so that zone bar was a good idea but we did get in a little later that expected and I was hungry, well the delicious food proved too much for my resolve and I made a big ol plate of goodness and dug right in without measuring anything. After the carnage that was Fridays dinner I did think about how I did ok all day and blew it at dinner but it is what it is and I stopped worrying about it whats a fella to do.

Saturday, This day was just so busy that we were not really home at all pretty much all day between shopping for paint supplies and looking into paint schemes and hitting up the "ooops paint" at Home Depot and Lowe's that I ate when I could and didn't count any of it, also have you noticed I make no mention of green tea? I was very dehydrated from drinking a beer here and there and drinking diet mountain dew as well as not taking my Daily vitamins which I realized about half way through Saturday so I took a vitamin and bought a gallon of Arizona Green tea and drank in in about 2 hours. Now I am feeling like I have a bit of control back but there is still all of this great food in the house so I blew it for dinner again and so the wise one says.

Sunday I actually stayed below 1700 calories but I had not exercised since Wednesday, I was home pretty much all day packing boxes and situating the basement in a way that would make it easy to move come moving day. I made two pots of turkey soup which came out better than any soup I have made in some time, we had that for dinner on Sunday and were able to put almost 2 gallons away in the freezer so were stocked up on the good stuff. I was feeling great that I was back on track after a couple days of not caring and starting to rehydrate myself properly and off to bed I went.

Monday, off track again and not a drop of green tea in sight for me, I was slipping and it was easy to not count, to not exercise (besides all of the packing and moving boxes) and to not sound like a broken record (is that possible at this point) let us just say this trend carried into Tuesday as well and enough is enough. Today is Wednesday and I have to get back on track so thats what I am doing. Did you notice that I didn't do a "weigh in" last Friday? thats because I had not been on a scale until Saturday night, and surprise surprise I was up! my last weigh in was on Nov 21 and I weighed 363 pounds, well Saturday night I was 368 pounds! up 5 pounds?! and that trend has been maintained throughout right up until this morning, I did weigh 365 pounds on Monday morning but this morning I am back up and weighed in at 369 pounds. Now I KNOW this is likely mostly retention weight because I have not stayed hydrated but not all of it and I have to accept that, because its at my own hand that I am up in weight. Jumped at the first chance to say "awe its a Holiday imma enjoy it dammit!" this mindset is what got me into this situation of being a fella that weighed more than a quarter of a ton, sounds crazy when you say it like that but I was 534 pounds and facts are facts Ma'am.

I have still had an impressive run I think and I have to keep that in mind because a bump in the road on a Holiday is not the end of the world, I also feel that this blog helps me to stay on track because it helps me stay accountable. I will weigh in on Friday and that will be the official weight once again because I feel that I am off balance right now because of the bad weekend and not being hydrated. Right now, this moment that I type this I am back to the strict Me that has gotten this far, I do want to thank everyone that has sent me messages or emails within the last few days they do help and I do appreciate them. For those of you that read this blog because it helps keep you in line or just because you find it interesting enough to tune in each day to watch the fat man get thinner, I am back and you can expect more of the good old Me that doesn't let anything stop what I want to accomplish.

If you made it this far into the post You deserve TWO glasses of water because it was a long one! I will join you and have a 32 oz of glass myself as soon as I hit publish. I welcome any comments and or suggestions on this post that may help whip me back into shape and keep me on track, don't hold back and remember no matter what that I will meet my goal of weighing 275 pounds. I predict that I will hit that goal within the 2009 year. I plan on being under 300 pounds by the end of June 2009 which will give me 6 months to get that last 25 pounds until goal off by the end of the year. I would like to be at my 275 pound goal by September 1st 2009 at which time I will have lost a total of 259 pounds and when I hit that 275 pound goal I am sure I will set a new goal for myself, there we go, I sound like me again.

As Ever


  1. First, congrats on the new house for you and the family, that's great, it's so exciting.

    I fell off the wagon over the holiday too, it's pretty typical so try not to stress about it. Sounds like you're back on track. I think the hydration is the big thing too. Just put it into prospective you sure didn't eat 21,000 extra calories (6 lbs worth) over those days off the wagon so it should come back off pretty quick once you're hydrated again. Hope you have an ok weigh-in Friday, my weigh-in is tonight so I'm crossing my fingers for both of us.

  2. I am going to bite the bullet and say that I am a little WORRIED?? Just being honest. I have been reading your blog all year and I am really rooting for you 100%!!!!

    Hopefully you are back on is VERY stressful buying/closing/financing a house!! Keep focused...You are still the BOMB!!! GO 275!!!!!


  3. skinny4baby, Thank you, that tiny sliver of doubt is all it will take for me to show ya that you have zero to worry about :) being a "little WORRIED??" I read that and thought "hmmm someone sayin I can't do it?" ;) just a bump in the road M'dear! so I thank you for that doubt if only a sliver, and I thank you even more for "I am really rooting for you 100%!!!!"

    As Ever

  4. Well, gotta sat I was concerned as well - missed your posts, and as I too did a header off the wagon this past weekend, I can appreciate your difficulties. Glad to see you're back in the saddle again! Get that tea brewin'!!!


  5. I wondered where you were!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Marie Antoinette award, real blogs by real people.

    You can take a peek here

  6. you dork! I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!

    though I must confess that I am not worried at all about you blowing it.

    don't get too comfy -- and don't plan a huge Christmas dinner after what happened at Thanksgiving- donate your meal to a neighbor or other deserving family and you can have a nice moderately proportioned Christmas dinner with no leftovers.

    ooooooohhhhhhh I have got a great idea -- me, you, robyn and sandy should try to come up with the best low/cal low/fat cookies!!! that would be fun!

  7. Can I just say that I feel like this post of yours feels like deja-vu in reverse?! I swear, I was about to post something very similar to what you posted on my own blog, but now I think I'd sound like nothing but a big ole' copycat! Let's just say that it sounds like you and I have a lot in common lately (except for the home purchase!) - which weirds me out a little, because it seems like this has happened more than once.

    I'm very weirded out right now. And, I know "weireded" isn't a word, but you know what I mean.

  8. robyn: "I'm very weirded out right now. And, I know "weireded" isn't a word, but you know what I mean."

    i didn't know that weirded wasn't a word! i am always using it.