Monday, September 24, 2012

534 pounds to 305 pounds to somewhere inbetween....

Restarting is not as easy as one would have thought, I mean, I've done this before right? Just jump back into the pool and swim away no? No... My good habits have slipped away somewhat so getting back into a groove is tougher that I want it to be but hey! If I don't put on my big boy pants.. And unfortunately I mean that literally and figuratively this time around its not going to get done on its own, so away we go. I tried that wish into one hand and shit into the other thing in an attempt to get some results but I just ended up with a stinky hand... so I suppose I will have to bust ass again to get where I need to be.
When I was 534 pounds I started off slow because I had to, there were no options other than slow and that’s what I did and eventually I dropped a total of 229 pounds at my greatest number. I am in the mindset of a guy that is 300 pounds and can ride 30 miles on his mountain bike in a couple of hours with no side effects besides a big shit eatin' grin stuck to my face for the rest of the day when in reality I have no idea what my limits are currently as I have not ridden my bike since late July. I can tell you that I am not in the shape that I was when 534 was what I was carrying around but I don't think I am close to what I was June of 2011 either and finding a middle ground is proving to be a tad more difficult that I would have expected.
I know, I know... just do what ya can man! indeed this is how it will pan out I am sure but getting my 300 pound mind to understand that I am not there any more is the trick. It seems like I was just convincing myself that I was not 500 pounds any more and when I get a handle on that (which I believe is part of my problem but that’s for another post) I now have to realize that I have put on some significant weight in the last year or so.
The plan..
When I started off I would walk as far as I could daily, that distance was first measured in minutes, 10 minutes at a time at the pace of my then 2 and a half year old daughter, this pace increased to carrying her on my shoulders for the walk and eventually turned into 30 mile bike rides. I have begun doing my morning stretch routine again, holy hell am I tight! and as I type this there is a road crew outside my house finishing laying a new road, starting tomorrow morning (looks like the road work will be completed today) my walks will resume, this time with my new now almost 2 year old, and no not at her pace, she will ride in the jogging stroller. My intake has been slowly getting back to where it needs to be, I have started logging my intake daily once again and may start posting it on here again the next time I post, which hopefully will be tomorrow. I did keep one of my good habits and that’s drinking the green tea, I refuse to drink calories so I do still drink 1 gallon of green tea per day and it’s been that way since whenever I started that. I mentioned that I refuse to drink calories, that’s almost a whole truth because I have been drinking coffee in the am, I've quit that as of this morning switching it back to a cup of hot green tea instead.
As I type this post out I feel motivated to get my shit back together and start pushing the scale down again, as I mentioned this restarting is almost as hard as the start, I have the knowledge in my belt this time around, I have a taste of what being a "normal" size is to hold onto and we're ready for round two.

All of the comments on the last post helped immensely! Reading some encouraging words, some tough opinions and a few emails from old friends was a really good kick in the ass so thanks for that.
I will attempt to make time to post as often as I can so please stop by again and comments/opinions are always welcome so don’t be shy... lord know I'm not.
Until then.....
As Ever


  1. Congrats!!!!!!

    Remember, progress, not perfection.

  2. Yay! I am glad you're feeling excited to get back to it. I bet you'll feel great doing some walks and getting some bike rides in when you can.

  3. I have to try to get back on track and am finding it extremely difficult. I suppose being around the holidays is tougher as well. Good luck and I hope you are doing well.