Monday, January 9, 2012

What did he say? as real as a punch in the face? yes sir...

Lets get real for just a moment, that is after all why I started this blog in the first place so that I could be accountable with my weight loss/gain. My time is at a premium these days, I have a new baby that I am taking care of, this stay at home dad gig is great until its time to get a workout in, yes yes I know plenty of stay at home parents do it every day and I am not trying to make an excuse but to say that the last year of my life has been full of turmoil would be stating it lightly. That there last sentence sounded like it could have been the beginning of an excuse and its not, I am responsible for all 65 pounds that I allowed to reattach to my bones, yes I said 65 pounds unfortunately, more so for me than you but you get the idea.

May 21st 2010 I weighed in at 305 pounds and I felt like I could take on the world and was pretty much loving every second of every day and feeling incredible. The next few months were decent but I wasn't as focused for whatever reason and then lots of distractions entered stage left, I am a stress eater through and through and its a problem that I struggle with pretty much daily. When I said turmoil lets just say it was one thing after another and the stress won the fight, I attempted to keep my shit together but it was never enough, I started gaining weight again.

It was kind of like this, "As long as I don't go above 325 I'm ok" then I would hit 330, "As long as I don't hit 340 I'm ok" so on and so fourth until well yeah... here I am today. This blog has always been about my weight loss/health so I will not get into detail of what all the stress was/is and the bottom line is that no matter what goes on around us we need to be accountable for what we do with ourselves and that includes shoving food into our mouths when we're stressed, its a bullshit card to be dealt but somewhere along the line it was in fact handed to me so its mine to play.

I have recommitted myself to my health and have taken off a couple few pounds in the last couple of weeks, this is a good thing but I do know that its just a start because I need to keep the wagon rollin on down the trail if I am going to see that 300 pound mark again. An ambitious goal is in front of me, I am aiming to be at or below that 305 pound mark again by May 25th which means that I will have to drop slightly more than 3 pounds per week until then which I believe to be an achievable goal. My calories are strict again, and more than that I am eating clean again, mostly whole foods and nothing processed, Wify bought me a fluid trainer for my bike so workouts are again covered as I can ride while the little monster sleeps.

I have to get this going again, not for you, not for my wife not because of a commercial but because I have to, for me. Without my health I can't have the life that I want, without being accountable for my decisions where food and exercise is the subject I will not have what I want so with that its on.

May 25th 305 pounds or below is where I am headed, I will post as much as I can and hopefully it gets regular again, don't be shy, let me know you read this, comments always help.

That's all I got.

As Ever


  1. You still remain my idle Zeusmeatball. You showed me it can be done. Your one reason I can't quit

  2. I read it..and i can totally relate where you are coming from, as I am sure many MANY others can as well. THis is life, this is life of a person with a weight issue. It will always be up and down and that will never go away even though we all wish it would. Its hard when having kids and family and trying to balance it all. For me I eat when I am stressed emotional eater so its really tough having 4 little ones, crazy busy life, husband working nights etc. Some may say they are excuses but I say they are realities of mine. I lost 150lbs in one year, showed the world how it can be done all natural, wrote a book, was on the ireport website, was on tony little website, hell I even made a tony little infomercial, but once all the fame is gone, along with the hype that you had when starting, it can easily just burn away, and your left with realizing this is REALLY for the rest of your life? This struggle. Put your other parts of "life" in there and its tough! But you have done it before and you sure can do it again, or at least get back on track. Its always in your hands/your choice to do so. Maybe we all need some kind of competition to get us going again and you..who's the last one standing?? lol..hang in there. You be ok. Thanks for adding me on facebook. Rosy Moio Ghannai

  3. Anonymous, that might be the most unfortunately spelling mistake ever... haha.

    But Zeus, man, Anonymous is still right. You're still a huge inspiration. I am fighting a recent gain as well. I know how hard it is.

    I am glad to see you back here, and ready to go at it again.
    As long as you keep getting back in the game, you'll always be our VIP !

    - Shannon/SweatyGirl/ChaiLatté

  4. You've always been an inspiration and people who are on long term weight loss journeys usually go through gain hurdles (I'm going through something similar right now too). I'm happy you're back. I know you can do it. I can too! Welcome back Zeus!

  5. I think we all have those moments. What matters is what you do and you decided to get back to becoming "half the man."

  6. Jeff M from MississippiJanuary 9, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    As always you are an inspiration to many! Keep up the good can do this! With your inspiration I have lost nearly 100 pounds since last you can get your 65 of by May...yes it is ambitious, but I have faith! I started at 385 (max tipped at 405lbs), am now 287...never thought I would see the underside of 300, but it is possible! Keep up the good work! Glad to see you on the posts again!

  7. I believe that you will find your balance again. I have a lot of the same issues and being a stay at home parent is a lot harder than some people think. I have 2 kids and will probably not have anymore because even with 2 I feel I can barely keep up with everything that has to be done and take care of myself. I stress eat also, and even though I am worlds from where I was, I still struggle with food everyday. I have been at basically the same weight for 2 months. I gained weight after Thanksgiving, lost that, and then went on vacation before Christmas and gained almost 10 pounds in ONE week! That weight is gone now, so I am back to where I was. I have been on track, but it's always something tempting me, like my son's birthday on Wednesday where I have to make a cake. I can work out hard all week and have a bad day of eating and have no loss. It's so frustrating. I wish you all the best and as always look forward to your blogs. You've always been an inspiration to me.

  8. Glad you are back :-) I had a topsy-turvy year myself with weight and am glad to be re-inspired by you! Congratulations to you, and your sweet wifey, on the new little one!

  9. Glad you're back!! Now hop to mister!! :-)

  10. Happy to see you here Tony. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were. Keep at it. :)


  11. I think what I've found to be my number one accountability is putting the weight number down for everyone to see . If I don't face the number its so easy to lie to myself. You can and will get the weight off plus more I'm sure if you just keep posting and not isolate. You are a success!!! Always good to read your posts.

  12. You are truly an inspiration. My husband *was* about where you were at your starting weight, Dr's of course tell him the 'only' way to lose weight is surgery, he is totally against it and seeing how well you have done without it is amazing! Everyone has their ups and downs what's important is NOT to give up but to get back on track. From his 'starting' weight with just dietary adjustments (no grains/sugars) my husband has lost about 100#...still has about 200 to go but we're/he's getting there. Good luck!