Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As the Fat guy turns... a new chapter?

Well well well, look who we have here, it is I, the writer of this here blog! My absence can be explained by the "October Nor'easter" that we here in Connecticut experienced just before Halloween, you know the one that knocked the power out of about 90% of the state? I was one of the lucky 10% that did not lose power and was grateful for that fact! and that is not the reason for my lack of posts, a much more sinister reason kept me from the blog. As many of you know that have read this blog for a while I have a back injury that I talked about a while back in This Post and since the initial injury back in 2000 its flared up a time or two and put me out of action and that snow storm helped it kick my ass once again. Shoveling snow has not been an issue for me all last year, even through that 2 foot drop of snow last January yet 8 inches of the cold stuff took me out for more than a week this go around. The wrong angle paired with a went out too soon ie: not warmed up back equaled soreness that has not been felt in about 3 years when I had another such even in my back and I was literally in bed for the last week. Sunday I was able to get out of bed and now here it is Wednesday and I am ok walking around and only in slight pain so we're getting there.

I have stayed o track with my eating since I hurt myself in the snow and my weight has come down in that time to the lowest weight that I have been in months so that's in order. This time of year is the BEST riding weather and I have my brandy new Gary Fisher Xcal sitting in the living room taunting me every time I look in its direction, my back is keeping me from riding it and its driving me nuts! its quite depressing thinking about the new bike and lack of riding that is going on currently but its something that I gotta deal with until my back decides to get in the game again. For the last week I have been online shopping my pain and frustration away buying little blue bits for the bike in place of being able to ride it and Wify is none too happy about that, I mean seriously, did I NEED the Salsa Liplock seat clamp just because it matches the bike? nope but it looks good and stole the bad mood away whilst giving me something to do (waiting for that brown truck) so it is what it is. Today is as I said the first day where I am comfortable enough to sit down at the computer and write a post and in the interest of staying on track I figured that I would pop on for some words.

Here is a look at my menu from yesterday.

7:30 AM
coffee/creamer 90

9:45 AM
1 C almond milk 90
2 C apple cin Cheerios 240

1:15 PM
Turkey Subway w/Veggies 580

3:45 PM
2 slices Hearty wheat bread 160
1 T peanut butter 100
1 T grape jelly 60

6:15 PM
1 C white rice 200
Mixed veggies 200

Grand total of 1720 calories, that Turkey Subway was eaten during a movie and not all at once so the 1:15 to 3:45 time is not as spread out as it seems.

I have to admit that I am getting a bit down because of the injury and the lack of riding but trying to keep a good outlook on the situation, I have to keep reminding myself that its just a bump in the road and I've been here before with this injury. My motivation is high for the moment and I don't see it changing, after all if I can have a week like I have had and still be for the most part positive I am in the right state of mind with my health. Getting back onto two wheels will definitely help my mood but that is a venture that will have to happen in due time... have I mentioned that I am upset that I can't ride my bike? oh yeah I did.... better than being unhappy that I can't have the apple pie in the refrigerator I suppose.

There it is, an update from the fat man, I will try again tomorrow to get some more posted but it will all be determined by how the old back is feeling then. Thanks for the support and kind words they are always appreciated (I got a really cool email last week that made me think about some things) so don't be afraid or shy to click that leave a comment button!

That's all I got for today, Blobbin... fire up that Fatmobile, we're outta here.....

As Ever


  1. Hey stranger! I just fell upon your blog after googling biggest loser photos and have to say I am so impressed with all you've done. Taking the initiative, the longterm dedication and endurance. It's truly amazing. Don't let an injury get you down! The body is as multi-functional as anything in the world could be. There are thousands of other ways to stay strong!
    I was a peace corps volunteer in rwanda the last two years and living in a carb-only, high stress environment, I gained almost 20 pounds in the first 60 months [an average amount, for others in the same position]. i couldnt go running [without being chased, or being a spectacle] or do anything outside my hut which was literally, a 10x10 foot room. It was difficult, finding things to do with myself in such an enclosed area, and I managed to lose a bit, and stave off more, but its all I can do now, to lose the remainder. I wish I had your years of purpose! It takes only a moment to break but an infinite amount more to put yourself back together! Komera komera! [rwandan slang for endure! be strong!]

  2. I haven't been around but I popped in today to check on you. I'm glad to see that your blog is still a bloggin' and that you are still living that healthy lifestyle. What has happened in my life since I've been away from the blog? Well, I got divorced for one thing so all the weight I originally lost I put right back on due to stress, depression...and me just putting crap in my mouth. Anyway, I'm back down over half way to goal and was thinking about the "old gang" so I thought I'd post a comment. I don't have my old blog anymore, Doppelgangland, but I post at 3fc still.

    I was around at the beginning and I'm glad I get to see you still keepin' on.