Friday, September 20, 2013

Weighing in on weighing in. A less profound but more factual post from your favorite fat man.

So a couple weeks ago I weighed in at 403.6 pounds on my scale that only goes up to 400 pounds so I questioned its accuracy from the start but at the same time seeing a number was good for the mind. After that day I didn't get another weight to show up so my questioning it was warranted but since I am a gotta see the numbers kind of fella my lovely wife went out and got us a new scale that  goes to 450 pounds... eeeeeek! I never thought a scale that robust would be needed again but alas, here we are.

In the beginning of the week I weighed 404.6 pounds and this morning I busted through that 400 pound barrier and weighed in at 399.6 pounds. I will give it another week before I celebrate getting out of the 400's but damn I gotta say its a weight lifted off of my shoulders and I mean quite literally along with the figurative part of that statement. 

I have been walking daily 1.8 miles on my "short walk" and a more average 2.3 miles but at least twice per week I do my "long walk" which is 3.2 miles. My calorie intake is @ 1800 per day currently and will remain there until I stop dropping weight. Evening rides with my daughter have slowed down since she started school again but I am trying to get them going again before it gets too cold for her to ride. 

I am feeling like myself again, focused, on point, determined and disciplined with everything that I do. Food is once again merely fuel for my body instead of a "treat" or something to "reward" myself with  and I am embarrassed along with aggravated at myself for allowing things not exactly in my control to beat me back into an unhealthy way of living. 

I am determined to get back down to my low weight and beyond..

As Ever


  1. I'm kinda in your same predicament this week. I went to a clinic for a pre-employment drug test. Out of curiosity I jumped on their scale and I was about 4-6 pounds lighter than what my scale had said (and considering I was fully dressed with shoes). I am so close to getting into the two-sies I can almost taste it! You are an inspiration! Don't stop! Get it, get it!

  2. Brilliant- Keep doing what IS working. Well done!!!!

  3. You can do it! You're making great progress.

  4. Way to go tony! Always nice reading a post from you.

  5. Congrats! Keep up the walking and riding, as they help make you feel stronger. I'd like to get a recumbent trike. :)