Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everybody freeze! this is a robbery!

I feel like I am robbing myself of all of the things that I earned and saying earned is odd because most "normal" sized people need not earn them as they are just a given in most cases. Once upon a lullaby I was a 500 plus pound man wondering if it would be on the stair case or maybe on my way outside to bring the trash out when my heart would grenade and seven poor souls would have to lift me into an ambulance and then that changed. I decided that enough was enough and it was time to get serious about living before death got serious about finding me in a dark alley and cashing in and this here blog was started and viola that along with a piss load of hard work and discipline lead me down a path that ended at a healthy 300 pounds, which sounds funny but its true.

I have in my life right now something that DEMANDS my attention and I am an emotional eater through and through if I had a single wish it would be that was not a fact but it is and its not easy to distract myself when the shit hits that proverbial fan and lately trust me when I say that I am covered in it. This is a problem because as you know its not easy to stay on track all of the time without the distractions to use a nice word for them so managing to do what needs to be done while the water keeps rising is not a remedial task at all, but alas.. it must be changed. 


Ya see sometimes though over in the corner is that other guy, that guy who battled his way down from 534 pounds to 300 pounds and every day at the gym status. Hes sitting there watching all of this shit go down in front of him and he knows that if he just sits there and allows it to happen that the cage door is going to swing shut again. That guy knows how to do what needs to be done, he understands the repercussions of sitting idly by while shit goes to hell around him and he one hundred percent realizes that even surrounded by stress that sooner or later the hammer will drop and which side of the fence he ends up on is placed squarely on HIS shoulders.  


So... What to do about it? Perhaps allowing stress that would shatter most people and I suppose you could say that I am letting it do the same to me, destroy the health of a man who worked so hard to completely 180 his life and the way he was treating his body is one way to go. Something else that could happen is that instead of understanding whats causing the distress and allowing it to dictate what the next step is that maybe, just maybe I snatch life up by the throat once again and tell it to go fuck off because I got shit I still need to do should be the direction I lean instead. 

I am stronger than anything that will stress me, I am the one who steers the truck and I can either let go of the wheel and let the shit that seems to be trying to tear me down be in control or I could remain in full control of these things. I think its time to to tell life to reach into the bag and give me my wallet back, I will allow it to keep what it has taken, I will allow it to have its small victory but ultimately it needs to understand something and more importantly I NEED to understand something, I determine what I put into my body, I determine whether I will go for a ride on my bike or for a walk, I decide. 

Yep, Thats the one, its the wallet that says bad motherfucker on it so with that said, and I am repeating myself here its time to turn in my little bitch card and man the fuck up.

As Ever



  1. Hey there! I am glad you wrote a blog. Sorry about the stress. I really hope that gets better for you soon.

  2. Do you know if you really WANT to lose this weight?

    I too am struggling to keep over 50% of myself off, and while it isn't easy, it seems more automatic when I'm very clear on WHY I want the weight off and that I really DO want the weight off...

    So maybe the next blog can be about that, as a way to sort out and revisit those thoughts?

  3. YOU CAN DO THIS! You are a Bad Mo Fo! You've proven that you are a beast of a man capable of so much. You just need to tap into your inner freight train. Momentum can do a lot to help us barrel through stress but we need to get rolling first.

    I believe in you Zeus!!

  4. I know for me, when life goes to hell in a handbasket, it can sometimes be helpful to tune out all the crap over which I have no control and HYPER-focus on controlling my food and activity choices. I create my own little of the corner of the universe that makes sense, is MINE and feels mighty fine!

  5. For me I know when life feels like it's going to hell in a handbasket I try to tune out all the crap over which I have no control and HYPER-tune into my food and activity choices. I build my own little corner of the universe that makes sense, it's mine and it feels mighty fine!

    With you every step!


  6. Oh ya man! reach into that bag and GET your wallet. Take control of your life, you are the BOSS. I sometimes have to call myself out, to grow up, stop being a wuss and get with it.

  7. One of the best movies of all time, glad it motivated you.

  8. Reading through your site and what you have achieved, you OWN that wallet, you didn't buy it or have someone give it to you. You fought for it and took it. You just need to look at it and think about how you got it again and then use it to reach your new goals!