Monday, August 8, 2011

Eating and Riding and and and...

A flawless weekend where my intake was concerned and got out for a 20 mile ride on Saturday, my weight is down a good amount and things are feeling "normal" again. My normal once upon a three years ago was completely different than what I consider my normal now so getting back to it is definitely a good thing! Almost as if a light switch was clicked into the up position I am back to weighing and measuring things that go into my body, I decided that I need to focus on what I need to do in order to get my health in line and the rest will hopefully follow suit.

Just Ed and his new Jamis Exile 1.

My riding has gotten easier the last few weeks as well, I ride the same 20 mile section of trail each week sometimes changing it up a bit but its mostly the same area. The last three weeks after our weekend ride I feel like I can do another 10 miles with ease.. ok maybe not with ease but I know that I could do it and its not been the case until about 3 rides ago. The way I see it is that if my weight keeps coming down back to where it was and beyond that the rides will just get easier and that is a good thing! Getting stronger while getting lighter is a formula for better rides so that's what I am going to do as last year I was riding easier than this year and I would like to get back to that level. I have mentioned that I have a riding buddy now and we snapped a couple few photos during one of our stops this Saturday but the images of me came out blurry, I suspect that sweaty Ed touched the lens of the camera so all ya get is the shot of him and his new Jamis this time around.

Aiming for 1700 calories per day is where I am at but on "bike ride" days I allow myself an extra 200 calories for the Zone bar that I eat at the half way point of my rides. I have been doing good with the intake with lots of fruits going in which is very easy this time of year as everything is in season! Yesterdays fruits included 2 plums, an apricot, a peach and a banana which were all very good and sweet, then trying to keep the carby stuff for the earlier part of the day is part of the plan as well so over all I am doing well on the intake.

Focusing on me again is trying, its hard to focus on something that does not take up most of your thinking time but I have to do it because like I said, without my health everything else will surely fall apart that much faster.

Until next time...

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  1. Focusing on you is a good thing. It will keep you around to focus on all those other things. Great job with the rides!

  2. You're story is inspirational!We're happy to hear your like ZonePerfect bars! What's your favorite flavor? ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

  3. I read your blog through a RSS reader and I just noticed how great you look these days. Congrats on your progress and remember you are an inspiration to many of us also struggling with our weight.

  4. That actually sounds like fun... Just found your blog and I'm going to leech onto it for further visits if you don't mind :)

    Congrats on the amazing weight loss so far, and keep up the blogging!