Monday, March 14, 2011

Who me? yes you! couldn't be! Then who??

Well well well, look who walked in through the door... Its been some time since I posted on ye olde blog and I am sitting here after a long day of organizing boxes of diapers N vs 1 vs 2 vs 3!! Rattles and bumpers and and and the day is getting close. I have recently found some success on the list of Craigs with the selling of some of my double wheeled transportation devices which hurt and is awesome all at the same time! the extra dough is nice and I am deciding on which color my new bicycle will be, what you didn't really think the profit from the bikes would go to diapers did ya? but this ain't that kind of blog so enough about the new addition that's on the way and perhaps I will touch on the bicicleta situation later but lets get to how the fat man has been doing lately.

I haven't made it to the gym in quite a while and my mood is definitely being affected by this, I am an addict after all, and I don't mean cheeseburgers! With gas prices reaching up into the $4.00 range I have decided that my workouts will be local for a bit because of the strain in ye olde wallet and I have been enjoying walks around the lake and the occasional romp on my "Hilly course" on the K2. Honestly though I have not been all I can be in the working out department and my intake has been how do I say? anything but on track what with all of the excitement of the new addition, not to mention the waiting hand and foot on Wify so that she can relax a bit after lugging around her new again rotund belly. If I am being completely honest I am struggling a bit the past few weeks with getting my intake within the range that it needs to be and my waistline is certainly paying the price!

I am slightly up from where I was the last time I focused on my weight but I don't think that its going to be too big an issue to get the couple few extra pounds off with the weather warming up and Wify being home from work very soon. I have a problem putting me first when someone else needs it and I am not in imminent danger of having my heart grenade in the driveway, this is a fault of mine that I am working on but not having much success with when I need to tend to someone else. With all of that said I have to keep in mind that not putting me first is what got me into this whole Hyper obese Supersize me state in the first place so getting my calories back down to my "losing" amount is an important item on my shopping list for the coming days. My eating habits are right now not what I would call on track, Yes I am still eating whole foods, No I am not eating processed foods, I still do not eat red meat or pork but my fish consumption is way down because of Wify not being able to eat as much as we usually eat, possibly most importantly I am not sticking within my calorie allotment.

Making up for the past I would say three weeks is going to be where my focus is for the next couple because after that things will need to be changed up a bit and being able to recognize that is probably a great thing. I am up in weight some, nothing that could be called back sliding or anything but up none the less, My bike is tuned up and rearing to go as soon as the weather starts being more consistent and the trail dries up a bit more and I don't want to get out there to find out that the extra few that I have on me is going to effect my ability to ride the trails. My life is where I want it to be for the first time in a long while, I do what I want to when I want to and feel unlimited in that, I will not give that back for anything because it is who I am, who I have been the entire time and I ain't not gonna give it up.

I have a goal to ride a consecutive 50 miles at some point this year and I have the route mapped out on a local trail, actually a couple trails that intersect and I honestly get excited when I think about the day that I will do it. I have a friend that rides too and I actually met her through my blog and the plan is to talk her into doing that 50 miler with me when I do it, She is capable of doing the ride and I know that I am capable as well and I believe it will be a fun goal to reach. I am going to try and make time to post regularly again but life sometimes grabs you by the cajones and all we can do is go along for the ride and finding time for non necessities just doesn't happen. Keeping my shit together while mixing the ingredients in the proper order to get what I want as an end product has been how I get down for a few years now, the last few weeks has been a break from that and I know how to do it, I have done it and have been doing it so back to the grind I go.

That my good people is all I got for tonight, I shall return again to drop some random thoughts from my gray matter as soon as a few extra minutes pile unto one another again.

As Ever


  1. Glad you are back. I hear ya about the gas prices- hubby and I carpool and try to make as few trips as possible now.

    When's the baby due if you don't mind my asking :)

  2. Hey friend :) I see you on my FB, I'm MIA from Spark, but I still manage to read you here and I am very excited to see a post. I've missed you! Keep charging onward - you are still so awesome and these changes aren't changes anymore for you - this is your life. You've got this - I want to be just like you! xxoo Hugs to Wifey from me too :)