Friday, March 25, 2011

Breaking down walls...

Hopefully I will be able to get back to posting daily VERY soon but for now it shall remain when I have a minute to sit and write a post, busy does not begin to describe my days lately. There are some aspects of my life that do not make the front page of ye olde blog and it is some of those things that have kept me away from it but in spite of that I have been how do you say? Back on the wagon again. I have to admit that for the first time since starting down this path to better health I let things slip a whole fuckin' lot tad bit in the past maybe three or four weeks and am slightly up in weight, I say slightly because its about 6 on a good day 10 on a bad pounds heavier than I have been maintaining for the last 10 months. Its simply amazing how adding piles O stuff to a fellas day takes away from being able to weigh, measure and quite frankly care about the the food that's going down the hatch. I am not in immediate imminent danger because of my health right now so it makes it easy to lay my focus elsewhere and honestly I have been at this for a little more than three years now with this being the first what I would call lapse in caring about my nutrition.

Making my nutrition and exercise my number one priority must remain my number, because having lived on the other side of 500 pounds I know whats in store for me if I let things slide. I don't fear that I will ever slip back into a completely sedentary life again but I want to be as active as possible so that I can continue to excel with my physical self. I find that having something to focus on helps loads! lately its been my bicycling...even though there has been a lack of said activity because of schedule conflicts and weather I find that when I am in "bike mode" I am on point with my nutrition. Bicycling has become my passion, of course after my wife and kids but you get my point, If I am on a bike I am happy, I am unsure if its because I was unable to ride one for so long and now I am free to do so as I wish or if I really just have a love for riding these two wheeled contraptions down a dirt trail looking at the guess is the second option.

The new Giant.

My K2 dashboard with the Garmin 305 forerunner on the new bike mount, you can also see my Sigma 906 cyclometer mounted on the stem.

Speaking of bikes I am always on the look out for "bike deals" and last week I found an incredible deal on what appears to be a great bike! its a Giant Cypress lx full suspension hybrid. The woman that I bought it from gave me an indoor bicycle rack and a trunk mount bike rack when I bought the Giant, lets just say that I got more than a good deal on the bike and accessories and couldn't be happier with the deal. Getting ready for the trail I also picked up a Garmin bicycle mount for my 305 forerunner, I installed it and mounted the GPS yesterday so I am all ready for the rail trail! I took it out for a short ride to test the connectivity to the satellites with it in the position that it is on the bike, worked great. This year I will be going for records on my bike, I will have to look but I believe that my longest ride on the rail trail is right around 25 miles and I want to double that this year and have a goal to hit a 50 mile ride at some point, perhaps beyond that even. The weight will come off, I am not too worried about that honestly because the amount of riding I am planning on doing it will have to come off!

Last year I worked on my endurance on two wheels and the year before that was getting use to how being perched up top of a skeletal aluminum frame with skinny wheels between me and the pavement felt, this year we are going for distance. My first bicycle ride was about a mile and I had to pull over because of the prison sex like feeling on my plump posterior...not that I have ever experienced prison sex but I do have an imagination and its how I would imagine it feeling. Now that a 20 mile ride is par for the course I feel ...dare I say... Normal? no longer a 500 pound guy rooted to a couch looking out the window wishing he could join in the fun that is life but a 300 pound man doing what he wants when he wants to but I am far from done with my health journey.

I have more goals that I have not reached yet with my health and weight, there have been times when I doubted that I could get there but when I think back to the 500 pound version of me I doubted that I could lose even 100 pounds. I have done double that figure to date and kept it off for the better part of 3 years now, for whatever reason breaking through that barrier of sub 300 pounds has been a task for me, more mentally than anything else and I can't for the life of me figure out why a mental barrier could stop me. Enough is enough with letting an imaginary line in the sand stop me because if I take the whole number factor of my weight out of the equation its just that... a number. I have lost as much as 229 pounds since starting and have bounced around in that 200 to 229 pounds lost zone for like I said the better part of 3 years now and it would seem that every time I get close to going below 300 pounds it slams into that wall....this time I am bringing a sledgehammer with me, I have to finish what I started.

As Ever


  1. I often wonder what it will be like when I hit my goal weight. Will I be a bigger health nut? Will it still be a struggle? Creating good habits and a healthy relationship with food and exercise is monumental. If you have those things in place, + or - 10 pounds won't turn into a relapse of a previous life. Excited to watch the wall come down.

    Starting At 500 Pounds

  2. Good luck!! Has that baby come yet??

  3. Ugh...struggling and looking for inspiration to keep going.

    Inspiring story, dude.